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PIA Branding Program — marketing materials for PIA members

Marketing Tools for Local Agents Serving Main Street AmericaSM*


Through the PIA Branding Program, PIA provides a growing collection of advertising and marketing support materials to PIA members. This includes print and radio advertisements, in both English and Spanish. PIA also publishes the annual Agency Marketing Guide to assist members in planning their marketing efforts. PIA provides these items at no cost to its members.

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PIA has kicked off a series of social media support efforts for PIA members. This will ultimately include:

  • a series of webinars to help agents maximize their social media efforts
  • strategic and tactical guidance for independent insurance agencies
  • consumer-oriented articles and public service announcements for use in agency blogs, social media, newsletters, etc.
  • guidance for agencies that want to create unique content for their social media sites


Upcoming Live Social Media Webinars:

Accelerate Your Agency's Digital Marketing with YouTube and Visual Content Marketing

  • May 12, 2015 at 2pm Eastern
  • Featuring independent agent and social media expert Chris Paradiso
  • Register for this webinar (PIA member login required)


Archived Social Media Webinars (PIA member login required):

  1. Using LinkedIn and Twitter to Promote Your Agency. Aired live 2/18/15, featuring social media expert Ted Janusz. Watch a recording of this webinar.
  2. Developing Social Media Strategies for Your Agency for Bottom-Line Business Results - Not for Geeks! Aired live on 12/8/14, featuring social media expert Ted Janusz..Watch a recording of this webinar.
  3. Taking Control of Social Media and the Smartphone. . Aired live on 10/27/14, featuring social media/insurance marketing guru Tom Wetzel. Watch a recording of this webinar.


Other Social Media Resources:


Print Advertisements

PIA has a collection of print advertisements that PIA members can run in local publications, customized with their agency logo and contact information and (optionally) a company logo. Most of these ads are available in both English and Spanish. Ads can also be printed for use as flyers or as inserts in publications. Ads are available in a variety of sizes, in color as well as black and white. To use the ads, simply download our high-resolution PDF files and send them to your publication or printer who can add your logo and contact information.

Preview the English print ads

Preview the Spanish print ads

Download the high-resolution PDF files

FAQ for Print Ads


Radio Advertisements

PIA has recorded a series of English and Spanish radio ads for PIA member agencies to tag with their contact information. Preview them below. When you're ready, simply download the broadcast-quality MP3 files and send them to your local radio station where their voice-over professional can add your agency information.

Download the broadcast-quality MP3 files

FAQ for Radio Ads

Radio Advertising Primer for New Radio Advertisers


Healthcare Advertisements

PIA has created a series of print and radio healthcare advertisements that PIA members can run in their local communities. Like the other ads that PIA makes available through the PIA Branding Program, the new ads contain space for PIA members to add their agency contact information.

Additional information about using PIA's new print and radio ads can be found on the file download page or in the Print and Radio ad sections below.

Download healthcare ad files

Preview the healthcare print ads


PIA National Agency Marketing Guide

Each summer PIA publishes a new edition of the annual PIA National Agency Marketing Guide. This print/digital publication contains hands-on marketing advice from some of the insurance industry’s premier experts. It is a must-read commentary on what is working for agents in today’s marketplace, with numerous examples from real agents who are experiencing success.

PIA would like to thank the sponsors of the 2014 PIA National Agency Marketing Guide:

Read the 2014
PIA National Agency Marketing Guide plus past editions of the publication.


Contact Information

Have a question about the PIA Branding Program? Contact Alexi Papandon at or (703) 518-1353.

Learn more about PIA's tagline, Local Agents Serving Main Street America.SM




PIA Pinnacle Partners

Pinnacle Partners are the PIA Branding Program's highest level of sponsors.

Pinnacle Partners demonstrate their commitment to the independent agency distribution system and financially support the development of new marketing tools which are made available to PIA members through the PIA Branding Program.

To learn more about becoming a Pinnacle Partner, please contact us at

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Company Sponsors

Basic sponsorship of the PIA Branding Program is a great way to show your company's support for your PIA member agents. As an official sponsor, all we ask is that you help us promote the use of our marketing materials to your PIA member appointed agents.

Basic sponsorships are free. If your company has a cooperative advertising program, we hope you'll allow your PIA agents who qualify to use their co-op dollars on some of the PIA Branding Program ads and other marketing materials.

To learn more about becoming a PIA Branding Program sponsor, please contact us at

(*) indicates charter carrier sponsors