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Bipartisan Flood Bill Introduced in Senate

(7/18/2017) The leaders of the Senate Banking Committee released on Tuesday evening a bipartisan bill to keep the federal flood insurance program funded for six years and c... full story

Wash. Post Article on Flood Insurance Program

(7/18/2017) An extensive article in the Washington Post about the challenges facing the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) as it comes up for renewal in Congress... full story

State Flood Managers: Forgive NFIP’s $25 Billion Debt

(7/11/2017) Congress should admit that the $25 billion debt of the National Flood Insurance Program will never be repaid, and forgive it. That’s the assessment of the Ass... full story

Absent From Flood Debate: How to Fund Mega-Events

(6/28/2017) Lawmakers’ proposals to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program largely don’t address how to fund the costliest part of the program: payouts from b... full story

PIA Stands Firm in Defense of Agent Commissions

(6/20/2017) PIA National has reaffirmed its strong opposition to any legislation that would reduce the reimbursement rate for Write Your Own flood insurance carriers. PIA�... full story

PIA Opposes House Flood Insurance Legislative Package

(6/14/2017) PIA National has taken a strong stand against a package of draft bills in the House to reauthorize the National Flood Insurance Program that cuts insurer reimbu... full story

Floods Becoming More Intense in Tennessee

(6/14/2017) Floods are becoming more intense in Tennessee, and flooding is the state’s second most common natural hazard, occurring on average every 10.2 days... full story

PIA Opposes Cut to WYO Flood Reimbursement

(6/07/2017) The House Financial Services Committee held a hearing June 7, “Flood Insurance Reform: A Taxpayer’s Perspective,” focused on reauthorization of the Nation... full story

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