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ACA Premiums Expected to Rise Sharply

(4/27/2016) Many insurers have lost money in the Affordable Care Act marketplaces, partly due to the fact that they set their premiums too low when the plans began in 2014.... full story

UnitedHealth to Exit ACA in 22 States

(4/27/2016) UnitedHealth Group Inc. will leave the Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance marketplaces in at least 22 states to stem losses related to the law... full story

Surviving a 100-Year Flood Doesn’t Mean 99 Years of Safety

(4/27/2016) The recent flooding in Houston could be considered a 1-in-100-year event, but that label is a misnomer in that it can mislead people into thinking that such flo... full story

Fla. Commissioner Postpones Resignation Date

(4/27/2016) Florida Insurance Commissioner Kevin McCarty, who was scheduled to depart from the job on May 2, has extended his resignation date until 45 days after his succe... full story

Hurricane Forecaster William Gray Dies at 86

(4/27/2016) Colorado State University Professor Emeritus of Atmospheric Science William Gray, who changed the way the world looked at hurricanes, has died at age 86... full story

Floods Shut Down Most of Houston

(4/22/2016) Heavy rains in Houston, Texas, have caused severe flooding, prompted more than 1,000 water rescues, and killed at least five people, according to local official... full story

UnitedHealth to Exit Most Obamacare Exchanges in 2017

(4/21/2016) UnitedHealth Group Chief Executive Officer Steven Hemsley said on Tuesday April 19 that the company would largely exit the Obamacare exchange market in 2017... full story

NAIC, Industry Renew Calls for Equivalency

(4/21/2016) The National Association of Insurance Commissioners and industry groups continue to encourage regulatory equivalency designations that would allow U.S. companie... full story

Marsh & RIMS on Forecasting Emerging Risks

(4/21/2016) The 13th annual “Excellence in Risk Management” report from Marsh & McLennan and the Risk & Insurance Management Society finds that 48 percent of respondent... full story

Driverless Cars Could Be Targets of Terrorists, Nations

(4/21/2016) Driverless Cars Could Be Targets of Terrorists, Nations: U.S. Justice Department Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin says Internet-conn... full story

Millennials Value Quality of Work Life Over Money:

(4/21/2016) While 86 percent of millennials (born 1981-1991) say they are happy at work, 41 percent are planning to start a new job within the next two years, according to ... full story

NAIC to Consider Two-Year Cooling-Off Period for CEO

(4/20/2016) The National Association of Insurance Commissioners is considering changing its bylaws to impose a two-year cooling off period before former commissioners could... full story

This Year’s Hurricane Season May Be More Active

(4/19/2016) The National Hurricane Center indicates that with just 12 named storms and four hurricanes, the Atlantic hurricane season in 2015 was “somewhat below average,... full story

MetLife Is Not “Too Big to Fail,” Judge Rules

(4/19/2016) MetLife beat back a U.S. attempt to label it too big to fail, which would’ve put America’s biggest life insurer under tougher government scrutiny and could ... full story

PA Commissioner to PIA Agents: Consider Private Flood

(4/14/2016) The U.S. House Financial Services Committee has approved the Flood Insurance Market Parity and Modernization Act (H.R. 2901), which would clarify that private i... full story

Critical NFIP Bulletin Issued; Updated NFIP Manual Issued

(4/12/2016) Just three days before April 1, 2016 changes to the National Flood Insurance Program took effect, FEMA finally released the long-delayed NFIP Manual detailing t... full story

Controversy Over ACA Commission Cuts

(4/12/2016) Over the past few months, several insurers have dropped agents’ commissions to discourage the sale of unprofitable Affordable Care Act plans, say healthcare i... full story

P/C Profits Slip

(4/12/2016) In 2015, commercial property and casualty insurers had profitable underwriting years as catastrophe losses remained low... full story

Ohio Insurance Premiums Near Nation’s Lowest

(4/07/2016) Ohioans pay among the lowest rates in the nation for auto and homeowner’s insurance according to a national industry study released by Ohio Lt. Gov. and State... full story

FEMA/ National Flood Insurance Program Change to Documentation on Higher Deductibles

(4/07/2016) Agencies writing NFIP business will be updating and coordinating their revised information and processing procedures with their WYOs per NFIP’s just issued w-... full story