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PIA Insurance Foundation

The Professional Insurance Agents Foundation is dedicated to focusing critical applied research and information that furthers the knowledge and understanding of the nature, scope, function, operations, and law of the business of insurance, primarily as practiced in the United States. Through these efforts, the PIA Insurance Foundation strives to communicate and make available these informational materials to our primary audience of interest, the members of the National Association of Professional Insurance Agents (PIA) and its authorized affiliates. It does so in further support of PIA members' efforts to successfully manage and implement their constantly evolving business operations as indepedent insurance agencies and brokerage firms.

The PIA Insurance Foundation continues the legacy vested in it by the George Baldwin Trust, established by the National Association of Mutual Insurance Agents (PIA National's predecessor organization) in the late 1950s to further the insurance knowledge and education of those engaged in the independent insurance agency system.

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