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Antitrust Legislation

PIA supports current antitrust laws that prevent anti-competitive activities and provide for innovation and competition in the market.

The current system of state-based regulation of the business of insurance has consistently proven that it includes appropriate antitrust enforcement and ensures that anti-competitive activities remain illegal. Therefore, PIA:

  • Supports continued enforcement of existing antitrust laws that prohibit anti-competitive activities including price-fixing and market allocation.
  • Opposes any changes to or repeal of the McCarran-Ferguson Act.
  • Opposes changes that would prevent innovation and competition in the market.

Professional Insurance Agents Insurance Foundation White Paper: Future of the Business Disciplines, Regulation and Oversight of the U.S. Insurance Marketplace

To learn more about PIA's position on Antitrust Legislation, read PIA's Antitrust Legislation Issue Paper (PDF file).

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