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Agent to Agent: Agency Loyalty -- Going Above and Beyond for Your Customer

By Daniel W. Post, CIC
Post Insurance Services

Your customers are human, correct? This means you should have interactions with them in a humane manner to show you care and not treat them like robots. As an agency owner, going above and beyond when it comes to customer service goes a long way. By doing this, you can understand the loyalty and value your community places in your brand.

Your goal should be to do whatever it takes to show your customers how much you appreciate them. Remember to care about each person not as a number, but as a human. Here are some tips to help you humanize your agency’s brand to appeal to your community in an authentic way:

  • Interact and engage with your clients through different social-media channels. By communicating through different outlets, you can feel closer to your customers, resulting in brand loyalty.
  • If something exclusive is happening with your products, don’t let your clients hear from anyone else but you. This way, they feel included and special.
  • Reach out to your clients for feedback so you can continue to improve your brand, products, and services.
  • Spend time on executing a valuable customer experience for all who enter your business premises.
  • Build trustworthy and honest relationships with both potential and existing customers. You can do this by making personalized phone calls or sending out personal emails.
  • Always keep your promises. You could ruin your reputation by letting a customer down.
  • Provide customers with more than they expect.
  • Always listen to what your customers say. They are family, so treat them with respect.

From one agency owner to the next, I sincerely hope that these tips help you to develop a loyal client base. By helping them to understand that your agency is a reliable one, they can count on you through thick and thin.

Post Insurance Services is a second generation, family-owned independent insurance agency based out of Torrance, California. Daniel Post is the president of the agency. He’s been in the insurance business for over 30 years. He uses his experience and expertise to take the mystery and headache out of insurance for clients.