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Agent to Agent: The Importance of Accountability and Responsibility

By Scott Purves
Purves & Associates Insurance Agency

As an agency owner, it is your duty to hire the right people for the job. It is no secret that not everyone is fit to be an aggressive, persuasive and successful salesman or woman. If you do not find the right agent to sell those policies, sales are surely going to halt. If you hire a blogging and social media engineer for your agency, you’d better make sure he or she is an expert in the social and blogging realm. If not, your marketing strategy will be at a standstill.

So - how do you hire the right people and keep them on task? You must clearly define the roles and responsibilities in the job description. If you are not clear on the role, you never know who could show up at your agency looking for a job! To be honest, it is pretty rare that an independent insurance agency will have clearly defined roles and responsibilities. This not only causes confusion within an agency, but employees may be quick to define their own roles – and what they will or will not do. Do not let this happen! This lack of defined roles may reduce productivity, and more importantly, accountability within the agency.

Our agency can speak from experience when we say that EVERY EMPLOYEE must have a full understanding of their role at the agency. He or she must know EXACTLY what it is that they are responsible for, who they are accountable for, and what the expectations are from the agency owner(s). If not, you could quickly be taken advantage of. This is the last thing any agency owner needs to be worrying about.

If you can clearly define roles within your agency, you will soon find out what a difference it makes. This level of detail ensures productivity and effective execution of agency goals. Are you ready to reach the goals you set out to achieve? Now that everyone is on board and aware of their role, nothing is stopping you – so go for it!

Scott Purves, CIC is the President of Purves & Associates Insurance Agency. Scott has focused on Group Benefits for businesses, including group medical, vision, disability. He has served on the Board of Directors of the Sacramento Health Underwriters Association and is currently serving on the boards of the Insurance Brokers & Agents of Sacramento and the Davis Downtown Business Association.