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Agent to Agent: Tips to Write a Great Press Release for Your Insurance Agency

By Jim Lloyd
Lloyd Pro Group

Has your insurance agency taken advantage of press releases? Although you may be on social media and constantly updating your blog, incorporating press releases into your insurance marketing strategy can be very beneficial. Not only will you be reaching a wider audience, but you can also show what other initiatives your agency has taken other than in the insurance world.

When composing a press release, it is important to speak to the right audience and have a target for your message. In addition, unlike an email, blog post, or landing page, a press release must have a news hook that is relevant to the public. Here are a few tips from one agency to the next on how to write a compelling press release:

  • Before writing, make sure you conduct thorough research. This way, you won’t upset anyone you are talking about in the release.
  • Create an attention-grabbing headline.
  • Add in multimedia, such as photos, video, and more. This will be more eye-catching to readers than just words on a page.
  • Highlight a great quote within the press release to show the topic you are discussing is relevant and authentic.
  • Use statistics and other data to make your message more credible and interesting.
  • Throughout the piece, compose a compelling story to keep readers engaged.
  • Get right to the point of the article as quickly as possible. The main message should be addressed in the first few sentences and the subsequent paragraphs should be for supporting information.
  • Always proofread your press release before sending it out. A simple mistake could ruin your reputation.
  • Try to limit yourself to one page to help you get to the point easily rather than being long winded.
  • Include accurate and reliable contact information.

By following these tips, your press release can have the qualities that will entice not only the audience, but the reporters who will want to broadcast your story. Staying true to your agency’s voice while also highlighting important information can allow you to gain a closer connection with your community and potentially the world. Take advantage of this marketing tactic!

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