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Agent to Agent: 5 Apps to Increase Agent Productivity and Organization

By Bryan Costello, CEO
Costello & Sons Insurance

As insurance agents, we need to be on our game not just in the office, but outside the office as well. By adding certain apps to your smartphone or iPad, you are ensuring everything you need to be successful can be accessed at a moment’s notice, wherever you may be. The amount of available apps can be a bit overwhelming, so here are five great options for you to start with:

  1. Evernote: This app takes everything swimming around your brain and organizes it for you. You are able to save things you see online and in everyday life (pictures, audio, websites, etc.) and when you’re ready, go back and find them with an easy to use “Search” function. Evernote also works as a collaboration tool for your office; take and share notes and work together on projects.
  2. Any social network you are on: I’m cheating a bit by creating this category, but I think it’s very important. Any social network that your business is active on is a “must” app for you to download. Some of the best opportunities for status updates come when you are not in the office. Upload a picture to Facebook while you are at a community event, Tweet while you are meeting at a customer’s business office about technology insurance or check-in on Four Square if you’re at the scene of an active insurance claim. You’re showing your customers and potential customers that you’re not just sitting behind a desk writing insurance - you’re out and about making a difference!
  3. eWallet: The more websites you use, the more passwords you have…the more confused you become. Keep your passwords safe and secure in eWallet and avoid that moment when you really have to check your bank account balance, but cannot remember your password to save your life. This app uses government-level encryption, so you can feel good about using it to store your important information.
  4. FileMagnet: This app basically turns your mobile device into a Flash drive. You are able to share files in all kinds of formats between your desktop computer and your smartphone or iPad. There is also a free attachment you can download called “FileMagnet Uploader” and that will transfer all of your files completely wirelessly. This creates a great connection between the outside world and your office.
  5. Scanner Pro: If you’re out and about and need to scan a document for a customer or a co-worker, this app is a life saver. It scans your paper document in seconds, saves it as a PDF and from there, you can e-mail it out to wherever it needs to go. This app also integrates with the first app that I listed, Evernote. You can upload your processed document or image in to Evernote and categorize it however you need to.

There are many other fantastic apps out on the market right now, so you should certainly shop around to find others that will suit your needs. However, if you are just starting out, these five apps will get you started with integrating mobile organization in to your life.

Bryan Costello is the CEO of Costello & Sons Insurance. As a twenty-year veteran of the insurance industry, Costello has become well known for pioneering unique coverage for Technology Companies. Additionally, he has been recognized as one of the top 25 Most Innovative Insurance Agents in the country.

February 7, 2012