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Agent to Agent: Do You Believe In Your Agency?

By Dan Noltensmeyer
Noltensmeyer Insurance Services LLC

Does your agency believe? Does it believe in its employees? Does it believe in the services it provides? Most importantly, do you believe in your agency? In an era when technology and innovation are dictating the way companies do business and in a time when the economy hasn’t been very kind, many local insurance agencies are seeing themselves fall behind a little bit. As a result, many are allowing themselves to be bought out or worse being forced to shut their doors. It’s understandable if morale isn’t exactly at an all time high at your agency. However, now should be the time for you to change the attitude around the place so your agency gets back on track and continues to work towards your goals.

The last several years were not kind to Main Street. That is, the locally-owned small businesses that line the streets in suburban America. Your agency may have experienced a downturn, but believe it or not it’s never been better to own a small business. With the impact technology and social media have had in addition to an economy seemingly on the upswing, one thing you should be focusing on is changing the attitude of the company. Optimism is always a better medicine than negativity, so here are some ways to change the attitude and morale around your agency:

  • Map out the vision: Are your employees aware of what the goals of your agency are? Perhaps if they are more acquainted with the short and long term vision of your agency they will be inspired to do what they can to make sure the agency is the best it can be. If they see your agency through the same lens that you do, it may change things.
  • Be approachable: Some bosses or executives sometimes seem a bit hard to reach or approach to other employees. Make sure you are doing your best to be on the same wavelength with your employees. You are all on the same team, right? So make sure you’re being a teammate as well as a coach.
  • Empower your employees: Do your employees have the power to perform tasks without someone looking over their shoulder? While it’s necessary for you to run your agency, you should consider giving more freedom for your employees to do things independently.
  • Motivation: Do you do any motivation throughout the day? At the beginning of the morning, try to round up each employee and talk about what’s going to be accomplished for that day. Or, instead of doing it each morning, do it at the beginning of each week.

It’s important that everyone involved with your agency believes in its goals and mission. You probably won’t get too far if the attitude and environment are mundane and uninspiring, so try changing some things up and seeing if it impacts your agency for the better.


Dan Noltensmeyer is CEO of Noltensmeyer Insurance Services LLC, a fully licensed Houston insurance agency that sells property and casualty and health and life insurance. Noltensmeyer got his MBA from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, Texas. His agency specializes in personal lines such as Texas car insurance and business insurance as well.