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Agent to Agent: Building Your Community Through Blogging and Conversation

By Tony Alessandra, President
Insurance Solutions

With the need to build a strong web presence a major concern amongst business owners in all industries, how can independent insurance agents set themselves apart?

When you think of blogging, I’m sure insurance isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. However, not only do we as independent agencies have to build our brand, but we also have to transform insurance-specific content into something valuable, interesting and engaging.

Being that we pride ourselves on being the go-to resource for CA Life and Health Insurance, we have to remember that our clients come to us for a much broader range of insurance products. So, how can we effectively meet their needs for relevant content?

The number one thing is to always keep your audience in mind. What do they need to know? What sort of information are they looking for right now? At Insurance Solutions we have found that a very delicate mix of newsworthy, informative, and entertaining does the trick.

Our blog contains insightful posts ranging from self-help tips for preventing business burglaries and unveiling auto insurance myths to comprehensive answers for your most common insurance questions—such as the coverage needs for a single homeowner. Our clients and prospects love “how-to” advice and best practices—and providing valuable content allows us as an agency to further brand ourselves as knowledgeable, insurance experts.

Furthermore, we strive to keep things interesting by playing off of current events—did you know that Tom Hanks filed a lawsuit against his former insurance broker? It’s these timely, unique blog posts, that draw in readership and keep visitors coming back for more, which has also helped us in our online outreach.

So what’s next—how do you turn this meaningful content into engaged traffic?

It’s important that you don’t exhaust each topic you write about. Make a conscious effort to spark conversation with your blog posts. Leave some questions unanswered or pose a question yourself. Drive traffic to your blog posts by promoting your content through your social media accounts—tweet the link on Twitter or share your post via your agency Facebook Page. Be sure to interact. If a client comments – respond. If a prospect links to your post—reach out and thank them. It may seem like common sense, but it’s this act of generating conversation and feedback which will strengthen your overall blogging efforts.

All in all what any good blogging strategy needs is balance. Give your clients what the useful insurance information they want, keep it interesting and leave room for discussion.

May 20, 2011