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Agent to Agent: Brainstorming Effectively with Your Agents to Create a Blogging Strategy

By Mitchell Kahl
Jackson Kahl Insurance Agency

Have you taken the time to delve deep into your blogging strategy? As a local insurance agency, you may be focused on other day-to-day tasks, but coming together as a team will help you brainstorm and strengthen your insurance marketing efforts. One of the most important things to keep in mind is to set a clear strategy for your blog. Having a direction to follow will help you remain organized and focused.

To get started, you should set up a meeting with everyone in your agency. First, have each person conduct individual research on what they feel will benefit the strategy. This is an important step to take before convening for a group discussion.

Next, appoint meeting facilitators to prevent issues such as productivity blocking. Leaders should be used to help guide the process. Once everyone comes together, make sure to avoid criticism. There will be those who are apprehensive to share their ideas in a group setting, so try to be open to all contributions so the flow of ideas is not hindered. Finally, try having members debate about the topic in a respectful manner. This will generate more ideas and maintain engagement among the group.

As your brainstorming sessions are in progress, remember to set goals for the blogging strategy. These can include ways to increase traffic, how to captivate your target audience, what topics should be discussed in posts, and more. Having goals established will help motivate members to do more for your agency and serve customers better. Also, try to set goals around what you want to do weekly/monthly/yearly. This helps narrow down your strategy so you don’t feel overwhelmed. Working as a team to improve your blogging practices will help your agency effectively move forward in the insurance marketing sphere!

Mitchell Kahl is the President of Jackson Kahl Insurance Agency. Jackson Kahl has four locations in Wisconsin and Illinois and handles business in 38 states. Mitchell is a business insurance specialist with an emphasis on workers compensation, professional liability and Wisconsin employee benefits. The agency also specializes in business insurance in Illinois.