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Agent to Agent: Boost Your Leads by Creating a Social Media Plan

By Lloyd B. Sabatelli, CIC, Principal
Marchetti & Sabatelli Insurance

Community building is the newest source of gathering leads in the insurance world. Have you thought about getting involved in social media sites to increase the amount of leads you are getting? Through everyone’s favorite social media sites you can share your personality in an authentic way and help to build a community around your business.

Social Media Outlets to Get Involved With:

  • Facebook- This can help with contests, branding, and interacting with the community on a regular basis. It provides a way for you to bring prospects in because you are interesting and not just because they are currently looking for insurance coverage.
  • Twitter- Being able to have people follow where you are, what you are doing, and what you are interested in can increase the visibility and transparency of your business.
  • LinkedIn- This professional social networking site can make you and your agency visible to not only potential clients, but potential employees as well. You will be able to network with other professionals in your field, and join groups to engage in the community and your industry.

Our NJ business insurance agency has seen great results by building a better community through Internet marketing and social media. The power of technology is incredible, and staying ahead of the curve is important in our industry. From a business perspective, with everything constantly changing, being informed about what is new and what will help drive that lead is important.

Create a positive reputation for yourself in your community; a reputation based on honesty, integrity and the ability to listen to your clients. By putting your best foot forward, you will create a better overall culture for your business and when folks are thinking about purchasing insurance, your agency will be top-of-mind.

Lloyd B. Sabatelli is the President of Brooklyn-based Marchetti & Sabatelli Associates Inc. Lloyd has extensive insurance and risk management experience including the creation of a niche marketing program for the agency. A key to his success has been his ability to create comprehensive programs for clients in a volatile insurance marketplace while educating clients as an integral part of the success.

January 22, 2012