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Agent to Agent: Become a Confident Leader to Build a Confident Community!

By Daniel W. Post, CIC
Post Insurance Services

As an insurance agency owner, it is your job to instill confidence in your community, both online and offline. If they cannot trust your services, then how can they feel comfortable with your insurance products? The clients always come first, which is why it is important to be a confident leader to show them you care about their needs.

What is confidence? This definition may vary amongst different owners, but it is important for you to understand your own self esteem. If you lack passion or certainty in your agency, then others will feel the same way. The goal is to engage your audience, not lose them. Here are some tips that can help you become a confident leader in order for your community to believe your services are reliable:

  • Make yourself and your agents accountable for their actions. Work as a team to get through challenges and praise everyone when achievements are made.
  • Create opportunities for yourself or your agents to communicate with your community regularly.
  • Set goals to keep your target audience interested in your services. Whether you host a contest on your Facebook page or provide an inside look at your agency through pictures, be confident in your strategy.
  • Learn what motivates you and your team to do better. Take the time to assess everyone’s skills and take advantage of them.
  • When a client has a question, make sure you answer it fully and in a timely manner. This shows that you are a reliable source and a service that cares about its customers.
  • Reflect on how you run your agency. Think about where you can improve and how you can serve your clients confidently.

By understanding the experience your community gets from your agency, you can gain more insight into your services and products. A confident leader doesn't have to be the most outspoken person in the crowd, but must be the person who attracts an audience through honesty and reliability.

Post Insurance Services is a second generation, family-owned independent insurance agency based out of Torrance, California. Daniel Post is the president of the agency. He’s been in the insurance business for over 30 years. He uses his experience and expertise to take the mystery and headache out of insurance for clients.