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Agent to Agent: Cross-Selling at Its Finest: 4 Tips for Agency Owners

By Daniel W. Post, CIC
Post Insurance Services

As an agency owner, it is important that you are cross-selling within your market. Sure, you may be a leading personal lines agency, but what about those commercial lines that are waiting to be sold? If a client turns to you for all of their personal needs, there is no reason why they should pass on what you can offer to their business, as well. Using a cross-sell method will not only keep your clients fully covered, without gaps, but will encourage clients to spend a little more — which can drastically increase your revenue.

Instead of shying away from cross-selling, take charge! There are plenty of tactics that can be used to encourage your customers to enjoy more services and products from your agency.

  1. Cross-sell on your website. Cross-selling within the content on your website is a great way to show your customers that you can offer more than just a home insurance policy. If a client is a homeowner, chances are, they have a vehicle that needs coverage. Auto and home go hand-in-hand and should be mentioned within your home insurance content. A link to the auto insurance product page will redirect them to where you want them to be!
  2. Bundle your services. In most cases, bundling products will mean a discount on coverage. For instance, auto, home, and life is a popular combination. Let your customers know that if they do choose to package their policies, they may be rewarded with savings.
  3. Train your salespeople. It is important to train your salespeople to mention other products during the sales process. Of course, it is important that you focus on the customer’s needs rather than selling for the sake of the sale. Keep the client in mind when trying to cross-sell. You may want to point out a few reasons why an additional policy can benefit their needs to help with the persuasion.

The bottom line: It is key to focus your cross-selling efforts on your customers’ NEEDS rather than pushing irrelevant products and services. If your content, initiatives, and salespeople can open your clients’ eyes to a great deal or offer, you will be much more successful in your cross-selling efforts.

Post Insurance Services is a second generation, family-owned independent insurance agency based out of Torrance, California. Daniel Post is the president of the agency. He’s been in the insurance business for over 30 years. He uses his experience and expertise to take the mystery and headache out of insurance for clients.