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Agent to Agent: Defining Roles Within Your Agency

By Joseph Cunningham Jr.
Cunningham Financial Group

What happens when your entire agency isn’t on the same page? You end up with a culture that is less about a common goal and more about common confusion!

Every employee needs to understand his or her role in the greater picture. Your agency has short and long-term goals to reach, and without an understanding of the role each individual plans in achieving those goals, how can you truly succeed? This is a level of detail that requires some work. However, clearly defined roles within your agency will result in more productivity, and better yet, more efficient productivity.

How can you clearly define employee roles in your agency?

  • Put it on paper – create job descriptions for every title in your agency
  • Brainstorm with your employees and find out what they think their roles are and how they do (or should) align with agency goals
  • Create an organization chart – this way everyone knows where they fall in the hierarchy and who to report to who with concerns
  • Be sure to balance the work load and encourage your employees to speak up about strengths and weaknesses in that
  • Check in with your employees regularly and inquire about their workload and how they are handling it
  • Provide the necessary tools and training to ensure all of your employees are performing their jobs to the best of their abilities
  • Communicate with employees on an individual basis, and as a larger group to be sure goals are being woven throughout departments and team members

When employees do not understand what is expected of their role within your agency, it can lead to conflict and misunderstanding. The level of detail required to establish defined roles and responsibilities lends itself wonderfully to working towards and exceeding goals and expectations.

Joseph Cunningham Jr. has been the President and CEO of Cunningham Financial Group for more than 27 years. The agency’s agents have more than 125 years of combined experience in providing quality insurance products and services to clients in Louisiana.