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Agent to Agent: Using Digital Marketing to React and Respond

By Scott Minor, Co-Owner
Trust GDC

When the May 22nd tornado struck Joplin Missouri, we knew right then and there we had no choice but to publicly react. The unbelievable destruction left behind by the twister shook our state, and much of the nation, to the core. It reminded us both how precious life is as well as how strong the forces of Mother Nature really are.

At Trust GDC, we pride ourselves in being an active member of our local community. We like to think that we’re more than just your average Missouri insurance agency — we’re true community influencers, who care about the people we serve and residents all across the state. That’s why we took a proactive approach to reaching out, responding and educating the state of Missouri with strategic press releases.

Having a tactical press release strategy in your marketing arsenal is a smart move for any business. Your clients certainly do not have to fall victim to a natural disaster in order for this type of content to have a lasting effect. However, with the situation in Joplin, we found that publishing informative press releases allowed us to not only promote our agency as a credible insurance resource, but most importantly the ability to provide residents with critical disaster planning information, helpful emergency preparedness links and tips for how best to navigate the claims process.

The most important thing about a press release strategy is finding relevant, newsworthy content to write about. Clearly in our case, the Joplin storm was making major headlines across the nation — and providing the necessary assistance and information to Missouri residents was the least we could do. You will also notice that we didn’t use this form of content to solely promote our company — we used each press release as an outlet in which we could positively impact those affected by the storm. By providing crucial tornado facts and a comprehensive list of what individuals should do before, during and after a twister, we were able to meet the consumers’ needs with the key information they were searching for.

You too can benefit from the power of the press release. The trick to a successful press release strategy — specifically within the insurance industry — is to make your content appealing to readers all across the web. Aside from content that directly reinforces breaking news and current events; we’ve found that press releases containing “how-to” tips and thoughtful answers to common insurance questions are also great traffic generators.

Keep in mind that the most important thing to accomplish with these press releases is to provide the reader with some sort of valuable take-away. Your sole mission is not to only market your agency, but to provide clients and prospective with information they not only want to read, but also want to share. Establishing your credibility through strategic, educational press releases is strong first step in developing continuous, genuine traffic.

July 1, 2011