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Agent to Agent: Educating Customers When the Seasons Change

Can you believe that summer is already almost over?

By Garret A. Ratcliffe
Jones, Raphael & Oulundsen, Inc.

Can you believe that summer is already almost over? Now that August has ended and September is here, the hot and humid weather will quickly begin to fade away and will be replaced by cool and breezy air. Our Connecticut insurance agency is preparing for the wild and unpredictable New England weather, and we’re already helping our customers with the transition between seasons.

The official start of autumn is only a couple weeks away, but it’s likely many of your customers haven’t even thought about re-visiting their policies. Autumn brings potential weather issues including thunderstorms, flooding and more so why not remind your customers of what they are facing? Here is what your customers should know about various policies and how they relate to the upcoming seasonal changes:

  • Home insurance: The fall can be very windy and rainy, and some of the worst hurricanes and thunderstorms occur between the months of September and November. Homes can potentially experience mild or even severe damages so your customers should want to be prepared.
  • Auto insurance: Since the rain makes the roads more sleek and slippery it’s important to have solid car coverage in the event of an accident. Additionally, once daylight savings kicks in it will be much darker at night, decreasing visibility for drivers.
  • Health insurance: Since the weather will be getting colder your family members may become more susceptible to colds and other viral diseases. Young children are especially at risk of contracting colds so having reliable health insurance is a must for families.

At our agency we make it an effort to educate our customers through blog posts, press releases, email and social media on why CT insurance policies matter during different seasons. As an independent agency you need every advantage you can get, and your customers will feel relieved and satisfied that they are getting a hands-on demonstration how to keep them and their families safe as the year goes on.

Garret A. Ratcliffe is a principal at Jones, Raphael & Oulundsen, Inc. The agency has been servicing the insurance needs of Central Connecticut for more than 101 years. It is built on the principal of providing superior customer service and quality insurance solutions to customers.