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Agent to Agent: Creative Fundraising Ideas for Your Agency

By Mike Heffernan, CEO
Heffernan Insurance Brokers

As an insurance agent, you are always looking for interesting ways to market yourself and your agency. If you offer nonprofit insurance, a great way to attract clients is by showing your support for local and national nonprofits that you feel a connection to. By doing this, you’re positioning yourself as a company that cares about giving back and you increase the likelihood that nonprofits will seek insurance through your agency.

Here are some great and safe ways to raise awareness for your agency and money for a cause this spring season:

  • Hold a car wash: Creating a safe and fun environment is important for a car wash; make sure the hoses and any buckets are in plain sight and marked off so that people working do no slip and fall.
  • Have a bake sale: Everyone loves a great baked good! Get the whole agency involved by having everyone on staff bring one item from home to sell.
  • Hold a dinner event: Rent out a local restaurant and include a full dinner in the price of the tickets. People will be able to mingle and enjoy a delicious meal, all while giving back to the nonprofit.
  • Use Social Media: Promote any fundraiser you are having via your social media platforms, giving people incentives to come such as giveaways and prizes.

Whether you decide on a traditional bake sale or hold a huge dinner and dancing event, chances are your company employees, their families, your current clients, and many more are going to have a great time. Remember to plan ahead, pay attention to detail, and make every event as safe as possible for both you and your guests.

Fundraisers are all about the experience; you want people to love coming to your events so at the end of the day, they want to give money toward your cause and possibly become a client in the process.

Mike Heffernan is the CEO of Heffernan Insurance Brokers. He has been in the insurance industry for over 30 years and during that time, his goals have been to create an environment where people can be themselves, enjoy coming to work every day and most importantly, create an environment where the employees of Heffernan Group are given the resources and tools to best serve their clients’ needs. Mike was named “Most Admired CEO” by the San Francisco Business Times in 2011.

May 11, 2012