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Agent to Agent: Geared up for Google+: A Guide for Businesses

By Dale Bestul, Principal
Community Insurance & Associates

Wait for it, wait for it…Everyone knows that Google+ for businesses is coming soon, as companies are not permitted to make corporate pages just yet. Many tech bloggers and experts in the industry are expecting big things from the business platform launch. So what can you do to get your business ready for the Google+ revolution?

  • Although you can’t make a corporate page right now, people from your company can certainly make their own accounts in order to get accustomed to the new social media tools and capabilities. Even before the business platform launches, a company’s marketing team can brainstorm ideas on how different Google+ features may be used in the future for promoting the brand and gaining new customers.
  • Company leaders should keep tabs on Google+ rumors that are floating around the web since these may provide a relatively accurate prediction for the Google+ for business launch date.
  • If you know that some of your company’s competitors are getting ready to jump on the Google+ bandwagon, spend some time looking into their techniques. If you run a local, independent agency that specializes in Wisconsin business insurance, for example, check out what the large insurance providers put up on their sites and scale it down to fit the needs of your small company.
  • Business owners who are not exactly well-versed in Internet Marketing often hire an outside agency to maintain their social media presence. Obtaining professional help may be a smart choice when it comes to Google+ since experts who work with this tool on a daily basis will have a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Although I can only speculate as to when the Google+ business platform will become available, it’s important not to fall behind in the game. Many companies that underestimated the importance of Twitter may have shot themselves in the foot, so to say; because the most appealing Twitter handles had already been claimed by other companies once they jumped on the bandwagon. This is especially important for smaller operations like local insurance agencies since they will be competing with nationwide providers for top spots on social media searches for Wisconsin home insurance or auto policies in specific regions.

Essentially, proper preparation is going to be key for any company’s success with Google+. Similar to other popular social media sites, Google+ will certainly require an adjustment period, which is why it is important for businesses that want to be on the cutting edge to get started with workers’ personal accounts now.

November 20, 2011