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Agent to Agent: Give Back to the Community and It Will Give Back to Your Agency

By Jerry Carnahan
Carnahan Insurance

During this season of “giving thanks,” our agency would like to take a moment to really talk about what it means to “give back.” As the owner of an agency, it may not always seem easy to take on more work and take initiative. After all, you are far too busy selling policies! However, making an effort to get involved in local charities and events will certainly pay off.

Here are just a few benefits that can come from community involvement:

  1. New partnerships. If you attend events within the community, you are going to be interacting with other local businesses. Take this opportunity to really get to know these individuals. There is a good chance that you can form a partnership somewhere down the line, if that is what you want.
  2. Opportunity to brand. Most agency owners say the same thing: “We care about our clients.” Isn’t it time to show it? PROVE your brand by attending events, sponsoring, or simply donating.
  3. Shareable content. If you are sponsoring or attending an event, why not write a blog post about it? Why not write a press release about your involvement? Share the news on social media, too! This is an easy way to have a great, local topic to write about.

This month, make it a priority to get involved. Hold a canned good drive and deliver the goods to a local shelter. Donate to a local cause. Sponsor an event. Take a moment to take your team to a local festival to not only support the cause, but to show your neighbors and friends that your agency cares. If you begin to give back to those around you, you may find that your agency advances, in return.

Jerry Carnahan, owner of Carnahan Insurance, has been an insurance advisor since 1997. The agency prides itself in its industry knowledge and providing extraordinary service and rates throughout the state of Texas.