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Agent to Agent: Helping Your Young Agents Navigate the Insurance World

By Nathan Dagley
Dagley Insurance & Financial Services Inc.

Is your insurance agency composed of both young and old insurance agents? Integrating both generations can be a learning process, especially when technology is always advancing. However, if you have recently hired a handful of younger professionals, then it is important to train them properly so they can navigate the insurance world smoothly and effectively.

When it comes to customer service, you never know what you will encounter. Either a consumer will be pleased with your products or disappointed. However, mastering the insurance plans you offer will allow you and your employees to better understand the needs of the community. Young insurance agents may be ready to hit the ground running, but teaching them that success takes time will help in their overall growth and development.

Here are some tips you can give your young agents as they start working for your agency:

  • Work hard to have clients take you seriously, gain their confidence, and earn their respect.
  • Be optimistic about the industry, for it is always growing and progressing.
  • Remain committed to the right education/training to aid with time management and the sales process.
  • Establish a family like relationship with your coworkers and clients.
  • Mix your passion with your profession to find the success you seek.
  • Dress professionally all the time. Remember that first impressions can be lasting.
  • Once you settle in, relax. Try to control your nervous habits so others can feel comfortable with you.
  • Communicate effectively. Always be in touch, speak up, ask questions, and make suggestions.
  • Be creative and innovative with your work. Offer others ideas for how to enhance the insurance products or company overall.
  • Always challenge yourself to be and do better. Set goals for yourself to stay motivated.

Young people who are dedicated to their job will thrive in the insurance industry. As you continue to hire energetic and creative thinkers, always keep your insurance customers in mind. The more desirable your products are, the better your customer service and workforce will become, and your efforts will be appreciated by the community.

Nathan Dagley is the Founder of Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, Inc., with offices in Texas and Colorado. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and brings leadership and vision to DIFS.