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Agent to Agent: Improving Customer Service and Brand Loyalty

By Dan Noltensmeyer
Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, LLC.

Since the summer is normally a quiet period for most agencies, it helps to take some of the extra time you have and work towards improving your internal operation. By owning and working at an insurance agency you’ve committed yourself to serving clients in your local community, so why not try to improve your customer service?

Customer service is crucial for your agency’s brand and reputation. When a customer stays loyal to a certain brand of food or shampoo it’s usually because they prefer what the product gives them over everything else. Similarly, if you provide a top notch experience for customers at your agency, you’ll expect more of them to keep coming back for more service and they may even recommend you to others. If you’re looking for customers to stay loyal to your agency, consider following these tips to improve your agency’s customer service:

  • Put a belief system in place: You and your employees should all be on the same page when it comes to working with customers. Whether you need to present the ideas cohesively or write them down and give a copy to each employee, having a consistent system will be beneficial.
  • Establish goals: Aside from measuring sales and profits, your agency should also develop a system for measuring how well your customer service is performing. One way to accomplish this is to quantify how many regular customers return for new policies and increase the amount of coverage they purchase.
  • Reach out through social media: If your agency has yet to set up social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, we recommend doing so as soon as possible. If you effectively build a community through social media, you’ll be able to respond to customer inquiries directly while also reaching out across a variety of topics.
  • Keep the process going: The last thing you want to do is implement a system and assume it’s going to continue just like that. You should be constantly monitoring employee/customer relations to make sure everything is transitioning smoothly.

Customer service should be a top priority throughout your business because it’s the best way to build loyalty among customers and keep them coming back. Who knows? Maybe they’ll even let others know about your services. Our Houston insurance agency is always striving to improve the relationship we have with customers and so should you. By following the tips above you should have no problem getting customers in the door and bringing them back again. Good luck!

Dan Noltensmeyer is the Owner of Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, LLC. With 6 office locations in Texas, Dan’s agency provides risk transfer solutions and Houston insurance products to protect the assets of families. Since 1997, Noltensmeyer Insurance Services has made personal attention and long-term relationships the foundation of their business.

June 22, 2012