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Agent to Agent: Get Local: Tips to Increase Your Agency’s Facebook Page Clicks

By Rick Pedevill, Agency Principal
PTL Insurance Brokers, Inc.

So you have finally decided to try your hand at making a company Facebook Page. That’s a smart move, given that social media marketing is the new newspaper advertisement, except easier, cheaper and likely more effective.

However, simply creating a Facebook Page with your company name and information may not be enough to make you stand out. Facebook has more than 400 million active users, which means that companies that want to use this platform to sell distinct services like small business health insurance, for example, will need to keep their social media presence fresh and engaging in order to draw people to their pages; inevitably converting that traffic and those leads into sales.

If you’re really ready to make the commitment to Facebook marketing, here are several tips on how to maximize the number of clicks on your page:

  • Not only should the content on a company’s page be interesting, but its appearance should be visually stimulating and send a message about what the business does. This involves more than just a profile picture. Facebook layouts and backgrounds can be customized in a way that will let people know that your page is an active forum for social media users who want to discuss your company’s industry.
  • Instead of combining SEO tactics with social media marketing, some businesses separate the two and do not apply strategies like using keywords to their Facebook posts. This is a mistake because many people use the search feature on the site, which means that your page could be the first that appears in search results for a user who is looking for something very specific like business insurance. Circulating URLs through wall posts and status updates is a great way to incorporate keywords in a way that will encourage other users to click on your company’s page. In addition, larger search engines like Google include Facebook pages in their results.
  • Creating groups based on a general interest is a great way to boost your business’ Facebook “street cred,” so to say. For example, if your company offers home insurance, create a group for real estate agents or people who are trying to sell local homes. They can include links to photos and information on the houses; while you can offer advice on how new buyers can get the best policy for their new home.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to leave your comfort zone and send friend requests or page suggestions to business professionals in your area who may not be in your specific industry. You can easily search for new friends based on city, interest or hobbies. Individuals who are not technology savvy enough to manage their own Facebook page can consider hiring a third-party company to help customize it. Either way, maintaining an online presence is considered to be crucial in modern marketing, so get started ASAP.

September 16, 2011