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Agent to Agent: Just Do It!

Chris Dik photo 134x200.jpgBy Chris Dik

What makes a good salesperson? The simple answer is a good product to sell and qualified prospects to sell it to. Over the past few years, we have been building and customizing our workers comp program, WorkersComp Results. We took a mundane insurance product with lower revenue and turned it into a constant and predictable revenue stream.

What makes a good insurance niche? A marketing program that can produce quality results, week after week, month after month. We desperately wanted to get out of the bidding and quoting game and get into the solutions and results game. We have been successful in that transition by building a quality program that continually looks to address the biggest pain points for clients with larger workers comp premiums.

Setting up the sale is easy when you are offering solutions. With our program, I am able to quickly identify high cost issues prospects are facing. I can’t always change what has happened to the prospect over the past few years, but I always have time-tested solutions that they can apply moving forward. Our program has evolved from a handful of solutions to over a dozen services that either our team or third party companies administer. We have built the program by taking a bold position in the marketplace and continuing to back up our desire to help solve workers comp problems.

Early on, I decided that I didn’t want to have to make cold calls every day to build my book. I did my fair share of calling early on and I learned a lot about the industry, perceived problems and what prospects responded to the best. It all fueled my desire to build a great marketing system to help build my book of business with larger quality accounts who wanted to work with me. I knew good marketing would make my life a lot simpler.

The goal was simple. I wanted to be able to send a direct mail piece out to prospects each week and have enough of them respond so that I could average one new client per week. I have always liked direct mail as it is much easier to get quality lists. Also, it gives you lots of ways to get your message across. It could be a letter, a postcard, a flyer, a brochure. It can ask you to call, email, check out a video or website. You must have a call to action.

Don’t be afraid to market. The biggest mistake is to wait for it to be perfect. What’s perfect to you will not be perfect to your prospect. While sitting on the beach last year reading a marketing book, I wrote a marketing letter to landscapers. The title was simple, “WARNING” in bright red, bold text. Best of all, warning had nothing to do with my message. It was in the mail Monday morning and it was UGLY! Lo and behold, by weeks end I had 11 landscapers with WC premiums over 25k calling.

You need to try some different messages, different lists and different techniques. If you are reaching the right people with a solution to a problem they believe exists, you win. Typically a campaign only needs to help you close one or two accounts to pay for it. This past year my marketing efforts helped me create just shy of one new client a week in my niche.

I talk to a lot of agents, especially those who focus on workers comp. Often they have been referred to me because they were told I do a lot of marketing. Most of them want to know the silver bullet, the one marketing piece that will solve everything. The reality is no one marketing piece is for everyone. Some people are analytic so they need more time and numbers. Others need to hear stories and testimonials to feel good about their decision. Some are visual while others are auditory. The point is, you need to put something in the mail!

Chris Dik is a broker with the Knight-Dik Insurance Agency, a full service independent insurance agency in Worcester, MA. He can be reached at 508-753-6353 Ext. 112 and