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Agent to Agent: Company Culture: Lead by Example

By Lindahl Lucas
Lucas Insurance Services, Inc.

In any company, effective leadership is one of the most integral pieces of the puzzle. In an industry such as insurance, where change is rampant, effective leadership is imperative. A leader who is involved and takes a piece of the company’s responsibility for success and owns it is a leader who will create a positive culture within their agency. And with a positive culture, your agency is bound to succeed because you will end up with a group of dedicated workers who are passionate about their job and want to do what they are doing.

Without passion, your agency is going to lack accountability, responsibility and dedication. With a company culture that is above and beyond, you can have all of that….and success!

Creating a world class sales culture is all about leading by example – you must embody what you want your agents to be. And you must also:

  • State a clear mission for your agency – give people something to strive towards.
  • Set goals and then praise those who reach and exceed them.
  • Reward those members of your agency who are innovative and consistently bring new ideas to the table – any new idea is a good idea in this rapidly changing industry.
  • Be excited. No matter what you are doing, do it with excitement and fervor. What you are doing is exciting and you love doing it, why not show and tell everyone else? When you are excited, it’s contagious. You can easily get your employees excited about what you are doing by being excited yourself.

A positive culture with a clearly defined mission is a world class culture. A world class culture is a successful culture and that means one thing: a successful agency. So get out there and get excited, and then encourage the rest of your team to do the same. It starts with you: lead by example and watch the positive changes roll in!

Lindahl Lucas is the owner of Lucas Insurance Services, Inc. based in Santa Clarita, California. The agency sells personal and business lines with a niche in entertainment insurance.