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Agent to Agent: Making Progress in Marketing Your Insurance Agency

By Dan Noltensmeyer
Noltensmeyer Insurance Services LLC

As an insurance agency, your focus may be on customer service and how you can better your products to the satisfaction of your community. However, as technology continues to enhance and insurance needs change, it’s important to start paying attention to your insurance marketing strategy. Are you wondering how you can better progress in marketing your agency?

The first step in this mission is being proactive about your marketing strategy. Being involved in the insurance industry means you have many different tasks to complete during the day, but getting your name out there shouldn’t fall to the wayside. The amount of effort you put into branding your agency will set the tone and strengthen the engagement you have with your customers. The following are some tips on how you can move forward with this process:

  • Think about each element that supports your marketing plan. Set a goal for each, such as increasing brand awareness by growing your reach through blogging and social media, or within your agency, building customer loyalty by providing more support.
  • When you have identified your main marketing goals, every online strategy and tactic will need to support your overall purpose. If you have to, you can narrow down your objectives to make it easier to manage your time strategically.
  • Understanding what motivates your audience is an important step to take. If you don’t know what they are looking for from your services, you will suffer. This is why the reputation you create through your social media and blogging efforts should be positive because it creates the impression your customers will have of your agency. Make them want to do business with you by coming up with interesting, fun, and meaningful content ideas.
  • Be realistic about your work and progress. Your focus should be on having your community trust and love your agency, and this process will take time. Commit yourself to spending time and energy on creating content, building relationships, and learning how to get people to find you. You will eventually see that your agency come out on top.
  • As insurance marketing continues to change, so should your agency. Have a process that you follow to make everything easier to digest rather than feel so overwhelming.

By taking these tips into account, you will get into a rhythm and become more efficient. Whether you sell California, Indiana, New York, or Texas insurance, you should be proud of the community you support and make every effort to protect them. With a strong insurance marketing strategy that continues to evolve over time, you can watch your services become well known in your community!

Dan Noltensmeyer is CEO of Noltensmeyer Insurance Services LLC, a fully licensed property and casualty and life and health insurance agency located in the heart of Houston, Texas. Noltensmeyer got his MBA from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, Texas. His agency specializes in personal lines such as Texas car insurance and business insurance as well.