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Agent to Agent: New Season, New Blogging Strategy

By Bob Putnam
The Putnam Agency

Can you believe it is already September? Our agency really finds that time flies when we are busy with our digital and Internet marketing strategy! Have you been keeping up with your agency’s blogging efforts? Trust me when I say that I know it is hard to do so! However, it is essential for your agency to stay on top of this—fresh, unique, engaging content on your website is critical to keeping your site ranking high on Google.

With a new season ahead, it may be time to revamp or perhaps kick-start your blogging strategy. Our agency has a few tips to share that may help you put this strategy into high gear:

  1. Implement a plan and calendar. First thing to do is to get ALL HANDS ON DECK. Make a calendar with each employee assigned to a date. It is important that you hold employees accountable for their day to post a blog. This way, you disperse the work among everyone and have a new voice each week!
  2. Brainstorm together. If your agency has trouble coming up with blog topics, schedule a brainstorm meeting once a month. Everyone should come prepared to discuss possible topics and ideas to expand on.
  3. Implement a strategy. Does your agency use keywords when blogging? It is important that you create a strategy and guideline so that all employees are on the same page. Keyword suggestion tools such as Ubersuggest can help you with this. Have your employees get to know the tool and use it when writing posts.

What are you waiting for? Now that you have the tips, it is time to implement a solid plan! Once your agency starts blogging on a regular basis, your site is sure to see more traction—leading to more leads and sales!

The Putnam Agency was founded in 1981 in New York and now has four locations throughout the state. The insurance agency specializes in personal and business insurance lines.