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Agent to Agent: Targeting Consumers with Creative Niche Marketing

By Jim Groninger, Partner
Groninger Insurance Agency

When it comes to growing your business you have to think outside the box. The same marketing techniques and messaging won’t always work.

With the popularity of social media and the consumer’s love for viral video and blogging it’s important that as a business owner you step outside of your comfort zone. To really grow your marketing chops and expand your business it’s critical that your agency tackles the realm ofniche marketing.

Niche marketing is just another way to describe a very targeted, tactical marketing initiative. A niche market is a smaller, more concentrated subset of the market in which your industry is focusing on. In regards to the insurance industry, niche markets are the consumers who seek out and require distinct, highly-specialized insurance products that the average insurance consumer may not care about or even know exists.

At Groninger Insurance this technique is something we have come to appreciate and expand upon over the years. We pride ourselves on offering unique products. Some of our most successful niche products include specific Pennsylvania insurance solutions for: Used Car Dealerships, Landscapers, Landlords Insurance, Garages and Garage Keeper’s Liability.

By placing emphasis on very focused, distinctive insurance products, we can appeal to a particular class of insurance consumers. Better yet, we now have the opportunity to brand our agency as a trusted coverage leader among those specific niches—inevitably allowing us to set ourselves apart from our competitors.

So once you’ve chosen a niche, how do you get the word out?

Besides email marketing campaigns and social media updates, we’ve found blogging to be especially helpful when reaching out to and engaging both our current and potential niche consumers. By creating genuine, relevant and creative content we’ve been able build some buzz around our niche insurance products.

The trick with niche marketing — especially within the insurance space — is to make your content interesting. Some of our more popular blog posts have incorporated famous movie scenes, while others reveal unknown coverage myths. By putting a fun, yet professional, spin on our niche product content we not only are capturing the consumer’s attention but also providing them with the expert insurance information that they need.

Take a look at your present book of business. You may notice some trends developing. Perhaps you’ve been writing a great deal of professional liability policies, restaurant insurance or even comprehensive coverage packages for vineyards or farms. Those can all be considered a specific product that your agency specializes in. Harvest the power behind the unique products that you offer and start positioning yourself and your agency as an expert within that distinct niche.

April 29, 2011