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Agent to Agent: Evolving with Your Agency to Produce Quality Sales

By Dan Noltensmeyer
Noltensmeyer Insurance Services LLC

Though most agents and CSRs work under changing conditions every day it doesn’t make it any easier to adapt to the unpredictable. As an insurance agent, you are responsible for the protection and satisfaction of your customers. By achieving the best quality of service, you can produce quality sales. How can this be done in a constantly changing environment? You must learn to evolve with your agency.

The idea of progressing with your agency involves becoming innovative. In possessing this characteristic, you can create outstanding value for your customers, be a problem solver, and position yourself and your company as the experts in your field. Evolution will help you figure out how your business is doing and how it will continue to do in the future. Understanding exactly where you want to succeed in a changing environment means you need to create realistic goals for your company.

Keep in mind that nowhere in this process is there a right or wrong. The main focus should be on evaluating how the changes you make affect your company, whether positively or negatively. If the alterations you make is not helpful, start over again. Perfection should not be expected with evolution, and instead, growth should be the aim.

A way to make changes is to spend time brainstorming with your team. Do not worry about if these ideas are going to work, but there should be a slight possibility that they will. Also, you want these changes to be small enough so there is likely to be some kind of impact, but not a huge one. This allows you to easily measure your progress.

Stop thinking about what changes are right for your insurance agency. Instead, start thinking about how you can evaluate what happens when you make a change. Once you do this, your path to improving your business will become clearer. Then, you can truly see how evolving with your agency can further satisfy your customers and help produce the sales you want.

Dan Noltensmeyer is CEO of Noltensmeyer Insurance Services LLC, a fully licensed Houston insurance agency that sells property and casualty and health and life insurance. Noltensmeyer got his MBA from Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, Texas. His agency specializes in personal lines such as Texas car insurance and business insurance as well.