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Agent to Agent: 3 New Year’s Resolutions Your Agency Should Keep

By Sandra Hart
S. Sanders Company Insurance

Another year has gone by! Now is the best time for agencies, such as ourselves, to set goals and make resolutions for the upcoming year… and hopefully stick to them!

This year, our agency vows to work on the following resolutions and we believe that you should, too:

  1. Blog at least once a week. Have you been blogging diligently? Creating fresh content for your site is great for SEO-purposes and will keep clients and potential clients coming back for more. If you can blog twice or three times a week, that is great! If not, once should suffice – just remember to do it! A stale blog does not look professional.
  2. Remain active on social media sites. If your company has a Facebook and Twitter page, it is important that you are active on it. If it just idles, you are sure to lose fans and followers. Even if you are posting an inspirational quote a day, pictures or even links to your company blog posts, you will be much more likely to grow and receive “likes,” “RTs” and “followers.” Make it a point to build your online community this year!
  3. Get involved within the community. Participating in community events, local charities and drives are all great ways to get involved and make a name for the agency. This is not only a great way to build your reputation, but also network with other business owners in the area. Getting involved can also intertwine with your blogging and social efforts – post about the events that you participate in and share news with your fans and followers!

These three goals above are not very hard to accomplish, you simply need to find and make time for them. As an agency, we understand that it may be tough to keep up with such tasks… we are busy agents! If this is the case, you may want to consider investing in an intern to write blogs and work on your social media pages. You may even be able to find an intern who will work for college credit – a great way to save on costs but still get the job done.

Whatever you choose to do, we sincerely hope that you make time for these tasks and keep these resolutions this year. You are sure to see success if you do. Good luck!

Sandra Hart is president of S. Sanders Company Insurance, which offers personal and business insurance solutions throughout California.