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Agent to Agent: How to Incorporate Social Media into Insurance Marketing

By Catie Downey, Social Media Marketing Manager
Downey Insurance Group

There is no doubt that social media is where your clients are. Are you there with them? Marketing has always been about maintaining your presence where your client base is looking. Social Media has transformed the traditional marketing landscape by adding what seems like unlimited online platforms to connect with your clients and prospects. Choosing the right platform can be tricky. Strategizing which sites to spend your valuable hours (and hours = $) is in your best interest, otherwise you just might end up wasting your time.

At Downey Insurance Group we began implementing a social media marketing strategy last year that has helped us write countless new business policies for our three offices in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Keene, New Hampshire and Brattleboro, Vermont. Our strategy began with Facebook and LinkedIn and has grown to include YouTube, Twitter, and our blog If you have no social media experience, are not web savvy, and need some guidance it may be a good idea to reach out to a social media expert to help you get started. There are countless blogs on the subject that may be helpful if you are inclined to design your social media strategy yourself.

Our best source of new business has always been referrals and account rounding. This is especially true for homeowners insurance, auto insurance and small business insurance. Social Media allows us to stay in-touch with our current clients and remind them of the diversity of products and services that we offer. By having positive interactions with our social media pages our clients are showing their online community that they trust us to professionally manage their insurance. This contributes to maintaining our online presence helping us stay “front of mind” with our clients and allows us to stay relevant. We share a variety of information with our clients/prospects via social media interactions that go above and beyond your standard policy renewal letter, phone call, or in office client visit.

Our CSR’s are a fountain of insurance information. Before social media they only had the opportunity to share their expertise when answering client questions. Now they each submit blog content regularly with issues they have resolved or claim information that they feel is pertinent. We feel this is a great way to showcase the experience and knowledge of our professional staff. It makes them feel more confident and appreciated for their hard work. We also share a variety of loss prevention strategies on our blog as well as community events.

Your average direct writer with an enormous marketing budget, no matter what they spend, can not out do personal client-focused interaction. Our clients find tremendous value in the products and services we provide. Staying connected via social media with relevant content, and helpful information, has come to be a key component of what we have to offer at our agency.

Editor’s Note: Agents looking for guidance on the use of social media should also refer to the 2010 PIA National Agency Marketing Guide.

May 6, 2011