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Agent to Agent: Keep Productivity Levels in the Office Sky-High During the Summer

By Nathan Dagley
Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.

How are the productivity levels in your office this summer? Our Texas insurance agency continues to work hard, no matter what month it is! Our secret? We give back to our employees. If business owners and companies do not give a little, employees may not be on top of their workload during the warm summer days. Our agency has found that there are always ways to motivate employees, even during the hottest days.

Here are just a few techniques to try:

  • Flex those work hours! Have you considered half-day Fridays? Or possibly the entire day off? This is a great way to give your employees a three-day weekend during the summer. However, you may need employees to step up their game during the week to get all work done on time. Chances are, your employees will be ready to kick it into high gear for an extra day with family and friends!
  • Hold an annual company picnic. This is a great way to bring all workers together and have a good time while outdoors, minus business talk. Make it a point to express how thankful you are for your hardworking employees. Recognition will go a long way.
  • Improve company benefits. Do you offer enough vacation time to your employees? If you give your employees the chance to take vacation and spend more time with their family in the summer, he or she is sure to appreciate it.
  • Start “Casual Fridays”. If your employees are responsible for dressing up during the week, it may be time to start Casual Fridays. It gets hot during the summer; shorts and a t-shirt will not hurt anyone on a Friday!
  • Buy lunch or dinner for the office. When is the last time you offered to buy lunch for all? If you notice employees working late, offer to buy a pizza or dinner. Food is a powerful motivator and may keep employees satisfied.
  • Hold meetings outdoors. Unless you need to give a formal presentation, who says team meetings should be inside a stuffy office? Take your team outside for a half hour or so to go over plans, initiatives and news while enjoying the fresh air.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to start motivating your employees this season! A happy employee is a hard working employee

Nathan Dagley is the Founder of Dagley Insurance & Financial Services, Inc. with offices in Texas and Colorado. He is responsible for the strategic direction of the company and brings leadership and vision to DIFS. Nationwide Insurance Company has honored Mr. Dagley for attaining the level of Champions Conference and Presidents Conference for multiple years. In 2006, Mr. Dagley achieved the highest level of honor Presidents Conference All-Star which recognizes the top twelve Nationwide Insurance agencies in the country.

July 9, 2012