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Agent to Agent: Supercharge Your Facebook Page: 3 Tips

By Dan Noltensmeyer
Noltensmeyer Insurance Services

How would you like to get nearly 400 people to “like” your Facebook page? For insurance agencies, these “likes” can be worth their weight in gold because it means your updates to the page will appear in those people’s news feeds… keeping you ever present in their minds should they need to buy insurance one day.

Granted some of these people are likely current customers, family, and friends of your agency, but that is good news because it means their friends and families can see they are a fan of your page and it might entice them to come check you out.

Now here are some tips to help you supercharge your Facebook page and attract more “likes”:

Tip #1. Encourage engagement by asking people to vote. Creating a fun contest and encouraging your fans to vote can create great engagement. You could host a “rodeo” day and encourage your agency’s employees to dress up and then put the pictures on your Facebook page and ask fans to vote on their favorite.

Tip #2. Post updates about local events. When you post an update about a local event, you are more likely to get engagement because the people in your community are interested in what’s going on around them. Don’t forget -- they love pictures!

Tip #3. Post useful updates relating to insurance. When it’s not purely promotional, but more useful information about insurance, such as a carrier raising Texas home insurance premiums by more than 9%, you will get some traction. People want to know about stuff like this and Facebook is a great way to share it with them. If it’s useful enough, they might share the update on their page, which would expose it to all of their family and friends, and possibly drive more traffic to your page.

Dan Noltensmeyer is the Owner of Noltensmeyer Insurance Services, LLC. With 6 office locations in Texas, Dan’s agency provides risk transfer solutions and insurance products to protect the assets of families. Since 1997, Noltensmeyer Insurance Services has made personal attention and long-term relationships the foundation of their business.

April 2, 2012