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Agent to Agent: Optimizing Your Content for the Right Target Audience

By Scott Purves
Purves & Associates Insurance Agency

Start from the beginning - when you are trying to optimize your website for your target audience you will need to think, “Who is my target, and what does the client want to read?”

If you are focusing on CA home insurance, you are going to want to cater to the typical buyer in your area. You do not need to focus your blogging content on insurance. You can write about anything that your target client may enjoy; you want to include your keywords to fall in line with your search engine optimization strategy as well. As for your website, there is going to be a different look and feel for every website; make it your own and make it professional.

Some tips on making the most of your content:

  • Less is always more. Don’t bore your prospect with terms they do not understand. Create content that is simple and informative.
  • Link to your product pages at least once in your blogs, social media postings, and even print media.
  • Always use visuals. Let’s be honest, insurance is not the most exciting topic…so use pictures in your social media, blogs and other internet marketing strategies to entice the consumer and create an emotion.
  • Know your audience. When creating blog topics make sure you are targeting that audience in the right way; hold small group studies with your target audience to find out what they like to do and where they like to go. If your target audience is a couple in their late 20’s just about to buy a house, you want to cater to their interests. In this case, probably tips on newly married couples, interior design tips, anything about the home to optimize your keywords.
  • Stay sharp and informed. Things are constantly changing in the insurance marketing industry so stay ahead of the game and be ready to answer frequently asked questions on your blog. You want to be ahead of the competition, not behind.

Targeting the right audience in your Internet marketing strategy will come easier as you get to know that target group. Creating surveys and understanding the modern consumer for your product help ease the strategy along. The most important way to create content that draws in the type of client you want is by getting to know that group. Learning is everything in this world and being informed will help your agency grow and put out sharp, intuitive, and informative content.

Scott Purves, CIC is the President of Purves & Associates Insurance Agency. Scott has focused on Group Benefits for businesses, including group medical, vision, disability.

April 15, 2012