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Agent to Agent: Tweet Your Way to a Successful Business

By Mitchell Kahl
Jackson Kahl Insurance

Has your company or agency jumped on the social media bandwagon yet? As a business owner, it is important to always improve and keep up with marketing trends and strategies. If you fall behind by sticking to older techniques, your company is ultimately going to be at a stand-still. Luckily, there are millions of articles on the internet that can teach you a thing or two about social media marketing and strategies.

Right now, our agency would like to offer a few tips when it comes to using Twitter. We have found this social media website a great way to advertise, gain leads and keep in contact with locals. If used properly, you can achieve all three!

When using Twitter, there are a few things to remember:

  1. Upload a picture. No one wants to be friends with a giant egg. Be sure to upload a company logo or even a picture of the person who is updating the account. This way, followers will not feel like they are following a machine, but a real person.
  2. Avoid posting links all day. Posting links to your product pages and your blog is great but it is important to break up the content! Throw up an inspirational quote every once in a while or just a random thought. “Call to action” tweets are also popular. For example: Are you a coffee or tea drinker?
  3. Follow locals. Follow local businesses and restaurants on Twitter. The locals will most likely reciprocate, which will aid in building your community.
  4. Take advantage of hashtags. The #hashtag is one of the best features on Twitter. If you are looking to reach an audience greater than just your followers, you would use a # sign in front of a subject. For example, if we were tweeting about business insurance, Illinois business owners like ourselves would want to reach a larger group and would use a hashtag to appeal to the masses; #businessinsurance.
  5. Do not be afraid to Retweet. Do you like one of your follower’s tweets? “RT” it! This is a great way to build a relationship and even friendship with the other person. A RT is one of the best compliments on Twitter.
  6. Reach out to followers. It is important to be active in Twitter. If you do not reach out to others, your Twitter account is going to suffer. No one likes to follow a rude follower!

As you can see, Twitter is not too hard to understand. Incorporating Twitter into your marketing strategy is an excellent way to gain company recognition and new leads. If you are not already taking advantage of this free service, now is the time!

Mitchell Kahl is the President of Jackson Kahl Insurance Agency. Jackson Kahl has four locations in Wisconsin and Illinois and handles business in 38 states. Mitchell is a business insurance specialist with an emphasis on workers compensation, professional liability and employee benefits.

March 18, 2012