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Agent to Agent: Understanding Who Your Customers Are, Both On and Offline


By Donald C. Kirkendall, CBC, Principal
AffordableONE Insurance

In this digital age, the way the customers are communicating with us, the insurance agency, has drastically changed. Before, we all relied on face to face communication, but now, the majority of interaction is happening online -- this alone has transformed the average client into an active social consumer.

As a result, this new identity has shaped the way we market our products and services; making it all the more important to understand what defines a social customer. One characteristic the social consumer possesses is hyper-connectivity. Whether using a Smartphone or a computer, any mobile device now has the ability to influence a consumer each and every second of the day. Therefore, it is important to reach out to your audience in the most effective way. This can be done by having relatable, unique, and quality content on both your blogs and social media outlets.

In addition, the current customer is now constantly researching. Whether you offer a product as distinct as Florida life insurance and Medicare supplemental insurance, or more standard personal lines such as a home or auto policy, you need to know what exactly your customers are looking for in your products. Social media gives customers access to opinions and experiences, so if a review is written telling the social customer they love your particular product, the customer will more inclined to buy it. This is why offering the opportunity for your customers to voice their comments about your products and services can create a sustained conversation.

This type of interaction, which could involve questions, comments, and concerns, is one you can respond to readily and quickly, unlike in the past. Also, due to the real-time nature of social media, many social customers want the information and response immediately, which your agency is perfectly capable of doing – you just have to be where your costumer is!

In the end, having focused research, a solid strategy, and commitment to your community, you will strengthen your interactions with your social customers. The way we communicate with current and potential customers has been revolutionized, so understanding your clients both on and offline is crucial for the success of your agency.

Donald C. Kirkendall owns and operates Florida-based AffordableONE Insurance. Kirkendall and his team strive to secure clients with budget-friendly and dependable coverage solutions including: Florida life insurance, health insurance, Medicare supplements, critical illness insurance, annuities and a variety of additional supplements and financial products / services.

December 16, 2011