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Agent to Agent: Using Twitter to Help Our Agency

By Shannon Kirkpatrick, Social Media & Marketing Manager
Capstone Insurors

Marketing activities cause change, thereby creating opportunities to further develop a brand, product or service. Modern elements of marketing include social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Twitter has become such an incredible piece of the modern marketing puzzle because of its rapidly changing content, as well as its ability to bring so many people together under one cause. What we as an agency have had to devise is a plan to utilize Twitter in the most effective way to further develop brand awareness, brand recognition and thus brand equity.

How so?

Over the last six months, we have used Twitter to reach clients and prospective clients with our brand and our message. By simply searching for our current Facebook fans on Twitter, we were able to establish a “reach” with which to play. From there, we examined their following and added followers who added us. Our following continues to grow, which allows the mission of our agency to reach beyond our followers, and to the followers of our followers… think in terms of the theory of the “Six Degrees of Separation”. Once establishing our Twitter presence we began to tweet on a daily basis. Sending out multiple messages to develop brand awareness, brand recognition and in some instances, brand equity.
For some of our followers, our brand was completely new to them, so we educated them on who we are and the types of products we offer. Simply quipping that we sell Missouri insurance wasn’t enough… we had to get creative by using and YouTube to develop a visual presence amongst our following. We have never believed it to be in our best interests to share how many cups of “Joe” our staff consumed in any given morning, or how our President landed a crack in his windshield. Instead, we’ve focused our efforts on developing our brand to become a trusted resource when it comes to insurance and insurance needs.

A prime example occurred three weeks ago…

Our Social Media & Marketing Manager received a direct message from a Twitter follower, requesting one of our agents speaks on the topic of insurance in his collegiate classroom. Our Vice President graciously accepted and then took the Social Media & Marketing Manager along to video portions of his presentation to share with Twitter followers and Facebook fans. We have been able to utilize this content to educate our current and prospective clients on types of coverages offered on home, auto & life policies. Yet, this type of education would never have come about, would we not have embraced marketing and thus the change it demands. Our Twitter following continues to grow and we are excited to extend that following, from a geographical sense, in 2011.

April 8, 2011