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Agent to Agent: Keep Your Employees Motivated Through Warmer Weather

By Ed Gillman
Gillman Insurance

The sun is shining in New England and the weather continues to warm up. As the owner of an independent insurance agency, I am no stranger to spring fever – and I am sure that you are not, either! Often times, both your employees and even yourself may take it easier than usual. Do not let the spring season get the best of you! It is crucial that you continue to motivate and push your employees to work to their greatest potential. If not, you may end up seeing a drop in sales – and that is NOT a consequence you want to face!

So how do you keep employees motivated indoors while the sun is shining outdoors? Here are a few techniques that will help:

  1. Encourage employees to be more active. Why not encourage employees to spend more times outdoors and being active? Start a walking club during lunch period, or simply encourage your agents to get away from their desk every once in a while to take a breather. Even a short ten minute break outdoors will rejuvenate and re-energize employees.
  2. Hold meetings outdoors or plan a company picnic. This is a great way to break up the work day indoors, while still being productive. If you are looking for a bigger and better event, hold an inspirational and motivational company picnic for all to attend. This should give them a boost of confidence and motivation for the season.
  3. Modify the dress code. Comfort is key, especially during the hot summer days. If your agents are normally wearing suits and ties, allow them to wear polos and khakis during the summer months. Casual Fridays may be a nice idea, too.

As an agency owner, it is a part of your responsibilities to keep your employees motivated, no matter what the season may be. If you can keep them going STRONG through even the nicest weather, you will continue to notice steady results. So what are you waiting for? Motivate your agents to go out and SELL THOSE POLICIES!

Ed Gillman is the Lead Problem Solver at Gillman Insurance, a Georgia-based insurance agency specializing in homeowners insurance, auto insurance, business insurance, and nonprofit insurance.