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Guide to Using RSS Feeds

Questions About RSS


What Is RSS?

RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. A RSS is a way in which you can subscribe to regularly updated website content and have the content sent directly to a RSS reader. You must use a RSS reader in order to subscribe to a RSS feed. By taking advantage of RSS feeds you can easily stay on top of all news important to you. If you would like to gain a better understanding of RSS feeds and how to use them, please take a few minutes to view this easy to understand video, compliments of CommonCraft.

What Is a RSS Reader?

A RSS reader, also called a feed aggregator, is a tool that will draw syndicated web content (news headlines, blogs, podcasts, etc.) from multiple sources and put it in one location for easy viewing. By subscribing to a RSS feed through a RSS reader you can negate the need to visit multiple websites each day to stay up-to-date with current news. There are many different RSS readers available, each with unique functions and layouts, with several popular ones being NewsBlur, Feedly, FeedDemon and Newsgator Inbox for Outlook. RSS feeds can also be viewed in certain browsers, such as Internet Explorer, and email programs, such as Microsoft Outlook. We recommend you take some time to research different RSS readers, including the ones previously listed, and determine which one best suits your needs and desires.

How Do I Subscribe to a Feed?

You can find our RSS feed where we share weekly updates on important insurance topics here. A way to easily find and subscribe to a RSS feed is by locating the following icons RSS or RSS button on a website or by clicking the phrase "subscribe to my feed." For example, our icon is listed on the top right of our website. These icons will often lead you to a page that will allow you to subscribe to the RSS feed through the RSS reader you use to aggregate your feeds.

If you have any questions, please contact Sade Hale at She will be happy to assist you as best she can with any questions regarding our RSS feed.