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FileFIO Modernization Report 12 12 2013.pdfFile
FileFIO Modernization Report 12/12/13File
FileBIC Core Operating ProceduresFile
FileBIC FY 2014 Proposed & Organized Project WorkFile
FileNovember BIC MinutesFile
FilePIA Branding Program Radio Ad Scripts Healthcare Ads .pdfFile
FilePIA Branding Program Radio Ad Scripts Healthcare Ads .docFile
FilePIA Branding Program Healthcare Print Ad Preview .pdfFile
File2015 YIP of the Year Nomination FormFile
File2015 CSR of the Year Nomination FormFile
File2015 Agent of the Year Nomination FormFile
FileGAC November 06, 2013 MinutesFile
FileCMS Email_Nov 2 2013File
FileGAC 2013 FLS FeedbackFile
FileGAC November 06, 2013 AgendaFile
FileFema Allowance for overhead and profitFile
Fileclarification of cancellation reasons due to map revisionFile
FileLetter Opposing Crop Insurance Cuts October 2013File
FileDrivers History DocIT flyer (PDF)File
FileHHS ACA clarificationFile
File09/20/13 GAC MinutesFile
FileMedicare and Marketplace FAQ by HHSFile
File10/04/13 Email announcement from HHSFile
FileENR Operations Policy and GuidanceFile
File09/30/13 HHS AnnouncementFile
File07/15/13 ExCom MinutesFile
File06/27/13 ExCom MinutesFile
File03/11/13 ExCom MinutesFile
File02/11/13 ExCom MinutesFile
File01/19/13 ExCom MinutesFile
FileAgent-Broker Registration Process FAQFile
File9-11-13 PIA Overview of HIPAAFile
FilePIA Suggested HHS/HIPAA ResourcesFile
FileManning Morris & Martin LLP – HIPAA/BA articleFile
FileJanuary 2013 HHS SummaryFile
FileAction Item ChecklistFile
FileAICPA Scope of RegulationFile
FileMarissa Gordon-Nguyen PowerpointFile
FileABCs of Privacy & HIPAA ComplianceFile
FileHealthcare webpage screenshotFile
File09-20-13 GAC Marketplace MapFile
File09-20-13 GAC NFIP Rating GuidelinesFile
File09-20-13 GAC NFIP AffordabilityFile
File09-20-13 GAC Issues of FocusFile
File09-20-13 GAC Issues of FocusFile
File09-20-13 GAC AgendaFile
File04/10/2013 ExCom MinutesFile
File05/13/2013 ExCom MinutesFile
FilePIA-Backed Certificates Model CampaignFile
FileNCOIL Certs ModelFile
File2014 Agency Marketing Guide Flyer .pdfFile
Filepia map of state/federal exchangesFile
FileGAO Report: Insurance Markets, Impacts of and Regulatory Response to the 2007-2009 Financial CrisisFile
FileGAC August 08. 2013 MinutesFile
FileAugust 12, 2013 Tally Committee & Candidates' ForumFile
File08-12-13 Tally Committee ForumFile
FileGAC NFIP Affordability DiscussionFile
FileGAC August 08. 2013 AgendaFile
FileThe Pac Post Summer 2013File
FileSeptember 2012 PAB Adopted MinutesFile
FileSeptember 2012 PAB Meeting Cover Letter About ResultsFile
FileApril 23 Cover Letter to PAB About ResultsFile
FilePAB Meeting April Draft MinutesFile
FileJuly 2013 Monthly UpdateFile
FileMay 2013 Monthly UpdateFile
FileJune 2013 Monthly UpdateFile
FileApril 2013 Monthly UpdateFile
FileMarch 2013 Monthly UpdateFile
FileMay Article MLRFile
FileMarketing Program AgreementFile
Filemembership marketing program announcementFile
FilePIA comments on NavigatorsFile
Fileunclaimed property life insurance actFile
Fileopioid best practicesFile
FileTRIA resolutionFile
Fileliberty mutual memoFile
File2013 Candidate Announcement MemoFile
FileElection procedure bylawsFile
FileRussell Affiliate Leadership EndorsementFile
FileRussell Affiliate SupportFile
FileRussell ResumeFile
FileRussell Candidate ApplicationFile
FileRussell Email DeclarationFile
FileBlackwell Leadership EndorsementFile
FileBlackwell Affiliate SupportFile
FileBlackwell ResumeFile
FileBlackwell candidate applicationFile
FileBlackwell candidacy emailsFile
File2013 PIA National Agency Marketing Guide Low Res.pdfFile
FileSenate Letter to Sebelius on Navigator Program.pdfFile
FileRogers MLR Thank You.pdfFile
FileJune 2013 PIA Farm Bill Letter to House.pdfFile
FileSupport Crop Insurance and Oppose Harmful Amendments House June 2013.pdfFile
FileDec. 12 connection pages 1,3,18File
File2013 Hurricane Tips Flyer B&WFile
File2013 Hurricane Tips Flyer ColorFile
FileFEMA WYO Bulletin w-13032File
FileSigned Navigator Letter .pdfFile