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FilePIA Navigator CommentsFile
FileSenator Ben Nelson—Mr. State Insurance RegulationFile
FileHartford Flood Agent NewsletterFile
FilePIA Comments on NavigatorsFile
FileAre Your Clients Prepared for Flooding This WinterFile
FileThe Year in ReviewFile
FileAL Licensees Q&AFile
FileRepeal the "Cadillac Tax"File
FileWorkplace Opportunity LetterFile
FilePIA YIP of the YearFile
FilePIA CSR of the YearFile
FilePIA Agent of the YearFile
FileDues Task ForceFile
FileDues Task ForceFile
FileBuilding Task ForceFile
FileP/C Insurance Advisory CouncilFile
FileMarketplace Operations Advisory CouncilFile
FileHealth Insurance Advisory CouncilFile
FileFlood Insurance Advisory CouncilFile
FileAgency OperationsFile
FileAgency OperationsFile
FileMembership Task ForceFile
FileCareers in Insurance Task ForceFile
FileCrop Insurance Advisory CouncilFile
FileNominating CommitteeFile
FileHartford Flood NewsletterFile
FileFinance & Budget CommitteeFile
FileExecutive CommitteeFile
FileBoard of DirectorsFile
FileRelated OrganizationsFile
FilePIA Services CommitteesFile
FilePIA National CommitteesFile
FileOutrageously Effective Marketing Materials OverviewFile
FileHeart of Member Satisfaction OverviewFile
FileAssociation Success Toolkit OverviewFile
FileNew Orleans RestaurantsFile
File2015 PIA Agency Marketing Guide.pdfFile
FilePIA Comments on DOL Overtime RuleFile
FilePPWO Coalition Comments on DOL Overtime RuleFile
FilePIA Letter to FIO regarding Auto Insurance RegulationFile
FilePIA comments on NAIC Cyber Regulatory PrinciplesFile
FileJoint trade comments on NAIC Cyber Bill or RightsFile
FileExcom Minutes June 17-18, 2015File
FileExcom Minutes April 21, 2015File
FileExcom Minutes February 05, 2015File
FileExcom Minutes March 25, 2015File
FilePIA DOL Overtime Rule CommentsFile
FilePACE ActFile
FileSeptember GR UpdateFile
FilePIA Auto Affordability Notice CommentsFile
FileEarned Media Placements March 2015-September 2015File
FileEarned Media Placements March 2014-September 2014File
FilePIAPAC Raffle FormFile
File2015 Fall Raffle FlyerFile
FileAugust GR UpdateFile
FileDOL Overtime articleFile
FilePIAPAC and Corporate PAC DefinitionsFile
FileJuly 14, 2015, Formal Announcement of Candidate SlateFile
FileJeff Lewis ExCom PackageFile
FileJune Taylor ExCom PackageFile
FileKeith Savino ExCom PackageFile
FileWayne White ExCom PackageFile
FileSue Peachey ExCom PackageFile
File2015 Fall Governance Meeting OverviewFile
File2015 Fall Meeting RegistrationFile
File2015 Fall Meeting PIAPACFile
File2015 Fall Meeting PartnershipFile
File2015 Fall Meeting Education SessionsFile
File2015 Fall Meeting Hotel and TravelFile
File2015 Fall PIAPAC Raffle FlyerFile
File2015 Fall PIAPAC Dinner FlyerFile
File2015 Fall Meeting Registration FormFile
File2015 Fall Meeting Joint ExCom Registration FormFile
File2015 Fall Meeting ExCom Registration FormFile
File2015 Fall Meeting ScheduleFile
FilePIA VA-DC Convention PPTFile
FilePat Slide 03File
FilePat Slide 09File
FilePat Slide 16AFile
FilePat Slide 16BFile
FilePat Slide 16CFile
FilePat Slide 16DFile
FilePat Slide 16File
FilePat Slide 20File
FilePat Slide 25AFile
FilePat Slide 25BFile
FilePat Slide 26File
FilePat Slide 27AFile
FilePat Slide 27BFile
FilePat Slide 30File
FilePat Slide 33File
FilePat Slide 36File
FilePat Slide 37File
FileCyber Comparison FlyerFile
FilePIA Cyber FlyerFile
FileKing v. Burwell Case SummaryFile
File2015 Nominating Committee PageFile
File2015 procedures and timetableFile
File2015 PIA National officer call for nominationsFile