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Why are so many independent agents declaring, "I AM PIA"?

Across America, independent insurance agents are declaring, "I AM PIA." If you are not a PIA member, find out why it pays to join PIA. When you do, you'll be PIA, too!

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To learn about the many benefits of PIA membership on your own, take a few minutes to review the PIA National Guide to Member Benefits. In most states, agents join PIA through their local PIA affiliate, so be sure to visit their website as well.

We look forward to welcoming you to PIA!

Here are just a few of the agents who've exclaimed, "I AM PIA!"

“When all my carriers pulled out after a hailstorm, my PIA contacts helped me get replacements. It literally saved my agency.”

GENE GALLIGAN had all of his carriers exit the market after a catastrophic hailstorm. He went to a PIA meeting. His fellow agents heard about his plight and spoke with a carrier rep who appointed Gene’s agency the same day. Twenty-four years later, he’s still in business.

Gene Galligan
Gene Galligan Insurance Agency
Monroe, LA



“I never liked what was going on in Congress. But I felt there was nothing I could do. Then I joined PIA. Now, I’m making a difference.”

SUE PEACHEY felt frustrated by the lack of understanding about insurance issues in Congress. After joining PIA, she got involved. Now, she’s the one meeting with members of Congress, telling them what’s important to insurance agents.

Sue Peachey
Peachey Insurance Agency
Pratt, KS


“When my state legislature tried to make up for a budget shortfall by unfairly taxing agencies like mine, PIA stepped in and stopped them.”

TREVOR CAMPBELL stood to lose real money when the Washington state legislature tried to unfairly increase the business and occupation tax. PIA sprang into action, helping legislators understand how the tax increase would hurt small businesses and defeating the tax increase.

Trevor Campbell
Insurance Services Group
Edmonds, WA



“PIA gives me the opportunity to speak with other agents. It turns out we have a lot in common.”

GEORGE HILLIARD had a problem. Some clients wanted him to alter the language on their certificates of insurance. Then he spoke to other PIA members and found out they had the same problem. They advised him on how to stay in compliance with his carriers and keep his clients.

George Hilliard
Pete Mitchell & Associates
Memphis, TN


“PIA provides me with opportunities to strengthen my leadership skills and meet people who can help me succeed.”

When JULIE ULSET bought her agency, the first thing she did was join PIA. The contacts she made through PIA provide her with valuable intelligence and even helped her get a new company. Now that’s a smart move!

Julie Ulset
Grams Insurance Agency
Edgerton, WI



“Running an agency raises lots of questions. PIA provides me with valuable answers.”

When GINO ORRINO has a problem, he knows exactly who to call: PIA. PIA has knowledgeable experts who support agents when they have questions. They provide solutions to problems from both a business and insurance standpoint. With PIA, it’s problem solved.

Gino Orrino
Orrino Capital Services
Corona, NY


“PIA is like having an insurance policy. One that ensures my agency will be successful.”

One thing STAN LOGAN has noticed is that most successful agencies are involved with their agents association. It’s not a coincidence. Being a member of PIA gives you access to the tools you need to succeed: education, marketing, products, networking, information, advocacy and company contacts.

Stan Logan
Logan Lavelle Hunt
Louisville, KY