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PIA Takes the Lead in Support of Expanded NFIP Borrowing AuthorityNews Item
FEMA Girds for Reaction to “Actuarially Sound” NFIP RatesNews Item
PIA National Provides Notices of NFIP ChangesNews Item
FEMA Issues New Elevation Certificate, 2013 NFIP ManualNews Item
Obama Asks for $10 Billion Increase in NFIP Borrowing AuthorityNews Item
Supreme Court Says Government May Be Liable for Flood DamageNews Item
A Message from PIA’s Flood Partner, The HartfordNews Item
A Message from PIA’s Flood Partner, The HartfordNews Item
Congress May Be Asked to Increase NFIP Borrowing AuthorityNews Item
Without Flood Insurance, Many Homeowners Left Out to DryNews Item
NFIP WYO Program BulletinsNews Item
NFIP Borrowing Authority Request Will Be $25 BillionNews Item
Tropical Cyclone Sandy Puts New Stresses on NFIPNews Item
FEMA May Not Have Enough for Flood DamagesNews Item
Focusing on Flood? PIA Can HelpNews Item
ALERT: Your FEMA/NFIP Links May Not WorkNews Item
Resending Updated Info on NFIP Severe Repetitive Loss Properties ProgramNews Item
A Reminder About ‘Flood After Fire’News Item
Deadline 8/29 to Purchase Emergency Flood Insurance in High Park CO Burn AreaNews Item
NFIP - Extended PRP Program UpdateNews Item
PIA Attends NAIC Summit on NFIP ReformsNews Item
FEMA Grants Limited Single Adjuster Program Waiver for WYOsNews Item
NFIP Adds New Mapping ToolNews Item
PIA to Participate in Working Groups to Guide Implementation of New Flood LawNews Item
New WYO Bulletin Tightens Flood Anti-RebatingNews Item
NFIP Latest Bulletin on Flood-in-ProgressNews Item
PIA Hails Passage of 5-Year Flood Insurance BillNews Item
Details of the Newly-Passed Flood Insurance BillNews Item
Flood Bill Could See Action in Senate This WeekNews Item
PIA National Arkansas Director Wayne White Pens Op-ed on Flood ReformNews Item
PIA Letter to Senate Urges Support for NFIP Reform and Extension (S. 1940)News Item
FEMA Issues Interim Instructions for NFIPNews Item
Flood Insurance Program Extended for 60 Days, Five-Year Deal LoomsNews Item
Flood Insurance Program Extended for 60 DaysNews Item
Flood Program Renewal Goes Down to the Wire AgainNews Item
What to Do If the NFIP LapsesNews Item
Final Push to Renew NFIP BeginsNews Item
What to Do If NFIP LapsesNews Item
PIA National Grassroots Alert: “Flood the Hill!”News Item
PIA National Flood Insurance Expert Rita Hollada Gets Lifetime Achievement AwardNews Item
PIA Grassroots Action Alert! “Flood the Hill!”News Item
FEMA Issues Guidance In Case NFIP Has HiatusNews Item
PIA-Hartford WYO Flood E&O Webcast Now AvailableNews Item
PIA, Realtors, FEMA Push for Long-Term NFIP RenewalNews Item
FEMA Issues Guidance In Case NFIP Has HiatusNews Item
Why I’ll Always Be a Flood AgentNews Item
FEMA Asks Congress for Two-Year NFIP ExtensionNews Item
FEMA Announces Changes in Rates, Rules for NFIPNews Item
Potential Settlement with FEMA in the Works to Preserve Flood Insurance in FloridaNews Item
NAIC Working Group Looking to Help Consumers Purchase InsuranceNews Item
FEMA Bans Rebating on NFIP PoliciesNews Item
Clock is Ticking on NFIP RenewalNews Item
Louisiana Commissioner Conducts Tour of Levee SystemNews Item
Protect Your Customers From Early Spring Flooding RisksNews Item
FEMA: Current Flood Elevation Cert Can Be Used Pending RevisionNews Item
Mississippi Ends Hunting Camp Exemption to Save State’s NFIP StatusNews Item
NFIP Update Claims & Practice BulletinsNews Item
Flood Safety Awareness Week Slated March 12-16News Item
Latest Revisions to NFIP Flood Insurance ManualNews Item
Senators Say Passage of Flood Bill “Within Reach,” Urge Floor ActionNews Item
NFIP Supporters Turn Up the Heat in the SenateNews Item
NFIP Flood Zones and Requested Map ExceptionsNews Item
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