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NFIP WYO Program Bulletins

FEMA has issued two program bulletins concerning the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)...
November 28, 2012

FEMA has issued two program bulletins concerning the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

w-12101: Rate Loading for Enclosures

During the past several months, WYO Companies and the NFIP Servicing Agent have submitted inquiries on the processing time for receiving rates on special rated quotes from FEMA. The purpose of this memorandum is to address timeframes for processing enclosure loadings of -11.0 feet and below and special rates.

You will find it helpful to know how each community in which you sell NFIP policies instructs (or is silent) in their zone requirements for enclosures in high hazard flood zones & beyond. Consumers can get very confused when the NFIP treatments appear in conflict with what a community zoning ordinance allows. These differences arise mainly when faced with a claim.

However, this NFIP change now also affects consumers on the front-end per the pricing side. Knowing this allows PIA members to: (a) properly explain the NFIP change to their customers; and (b) to alert their community zoning board of the NFIP change and how community zone rules or instructions might be modified to keep both aligned or at least aware of the difference.

w-12102: Revised Elevation Certificate and Floodproofing Certificate Approved

NFIP is allowing a 12-month grace-roll-in period that goes from 08-01-12 to 08-01-13.

However, clearly, some portion of that grace period has already expired. These new forms may apply to any new or existing NFIP policy when and if an elevation certificate and/or a floodproofing certificate are needed.

Elevation Certificate (PDF)
Floodproofing Certificate (PDF)

As each WYO moves forward, PIA members need to consider whether their communities are aware of these changes. Particularly, are engineers that serve these communities ready to execute based on these new requirements and will communities need to revise their licensing requirements for these and other professionals. This underscores the importance of PIA members being involved with their communities’ zoning board process and outcomes, and encouraging their participation in the FEMA Community Rating System program.

w-12101 WYO Program Bulletin (PDF)
w-12102 WYO Program Bulletin (PDF)

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