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Two Week Stopgap Includes NFIPNews Item
PIA to House: Vote ‘No’ on Flood BillNews Item
PIA Praises NFIP Relief in Disaster Bill News Item
House Passes $16 Billion NFIP Debt ReliefNews Item
PIA Issues Action Alert on NFIP ReauthorizationNews Item
Harvey Flood Losses Could Top $11 BillionNews Item
Why the Government Sells Flood InsuranceNews Item
AP: Florida Flood Policies Declined by 15%News Item
Congress Votes Short Term Extension of NFIP; PIA StatementNews Item
Grace Period Extended for Payment of Some NFIP PoliciesNews Item
Hurricane Harvey Fuels NFIP DebateNews Item
FEMA Chief: Cut Coverage for Flood-prone HomesNews Item
Deadline Draws Near for NFIP RenewalNews Item
Flood Insurance Lobbying UpNews Item
NAIC Urges Renewal of NFIPNews Item
Bipartisan Flood Bill Introduced in SenateNews Item
Wash. Post Article on Flood Insurance ProgramNews Item
State Flood Managers: Forgive NFIP’s $25 Billion DebtNews Item
Absent From Flood Debate: How to Fund Mega-EventsNews Item
PIA Stands Firm in Defense of Agent Commissions News Item
PIA Opposes House Flood Insurance Legislative PackageNews Item
Floods Becoming More Intense in TennesseeNews Item
PIA Opposes Cut to WYO Flood ReimbursementNews Item
House GOP to Unveil 5-year Flood Insurance BillNews Item
PA Commissioner Urges More Flood OptionsNews Item
Louisiana Request for NFIP Extension GrantedNews Item
Draft Flood Bill Released in SenateNews Item
NFIP Cuts Could Obstruct Mapping, Private FloodNews Item
Flood Insurance Fee to Pay for Border WallNews Item
PIA Top Priority Private Flood Bill Introduced News Item
First Hearing on NFIP Renewal ScheduledNews Item
High Cost of Floods in PennsylvaniaNews Item
Pennsylvania Communities in NFIP Community Rating SystemNews Item
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