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PIA Healthcare Priority Introduced News Item
Insurers Finally Making Money on ACANews Item
ACA Signups Surge, Set New RecordNews Item
Administration Guiding Health Shoppers to AgentsNews Item
ACA Penalty for Non-Insurance Under FireNews Item
Some Insurers Step Up Pitch for ACANews Item
CBO: Alexander-Murray Bill Saves $3.8 BillionNews Item
Halt in ACA Payments Means Free Coverage for SomeNews Item
PIA Expresses Caution Over Healthcare Exec OrderNews Item
Fears of Market Turmoil with ACA Support CutNews Item
Possible Healthcare Executive Order DelayedNews Item
Senate GOP Kills Health-Care Bill, Ending ACA Repeal PushNews Item
Healthcare Hearings Set for This WeekNews Item
Reinsurance Slows Health Rates in MinnesotaNews Item
All U.S. Counties to Have An ACA PlanNews Item
U.S. Counties Without an ACA Plan Down to OneNews Item
Sen. Alexander Sets Healthcare HearingsNews Item
Insurers Get 3 More Weeks to File ACA RatesNews Item
Many Consumers Prefer Off-Exchange Health PlansNews Item
Obamacare Repeal CollapsesNews Item
What Does ACA Repeal Collapse Mean for Agents?News Item
Amendment to Repeal ‘Cadillac Tax’ DiesNews Item
Across State Lines: Myth vs. RealityNews Item
Support for GOP Healthcare Bill CollapsesNews Item
Most Will Have Access to ACA, Except in 40 CountiesNews Item
Lawmakers Return to Crowded AgendaNews Item
The Rise and Fall of ACA PlayersNews Item
UPDATE: Senate Vote on Healthcare Bill DelayedNews Item
Health Insurers Post Improved EarningsNews Item
Cleveland Clinic Enters Individual Health Insurance MarketNews Item
Key Republican Demands Insurance Subsidies to Calm MarketsNews Item
IRS Cadillac Tax Guidance ‘Still in Pipeline’News Item
The ACA Is Stabilizing in PennsylvaniaNews Item
Regulators Ask Washington to Save the Health MarketNews Item
Kaiser Permanente to Stay in ACA MarketsNews Item
ACA Premiums Will Rise Sharply Without SubsidiesNews Item
State Regulators Want ACA Payments in Spending BillNews Item
ACA Insurers Struggle for StabilityNews Item
Trump Administration to Pay ACA SubsidiesNews Item
ACA Replacement Could See House Vote This WeekNews Item
Moody’s: New Healthcare Bill Would Hurt StatesNews Item
Hudgens: Remove Agent Commissions from MLRNews Item
Redmer: ACA Repeal Bill Won’t SucceedNews Item
PIA Opposes Health Insurance Across State LinesNews Item
Renewed Concern About “Cadillac Tax”News Item
House GOP Reveals ACA Replacement PlanNews Item
Leaked GOP ACA Plan Shrinks Subsidies, Medicaid News Item
Humana to Pull Out of ACA ExchangesNews Item
Sen. Cassidy Lays Out His ACA Plan News Item
Many Small Business Owners to Keep Health CoverageNews Item
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