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Possible Healthcare Executive Order Delayed

An executive order from President Donald Trump boosting sales of health insurance across state lines has been delayed, according to people following the issue.
October 4, 2017

An executive order was expected Thursday, but now it isn’t likely to come out until next week, Marcy Buckner, vice president of government affairs with the National Association of Health Underwriters, told Bloomberg BNA Thursday. Trump said Sept. 27 that he would “probably” sign the executive order this week. Neither the White House nor the Department of Health and Human Services has responded to Bloomberg BNA’s request for comment Health plans and regulators have panned the plan.

“Health insurers already have the ability to sell insurance in multiple states as long as they comply with state consumer protection and licensing laws, which many already do,” said National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) CEO Mike Consedine. “The NAIC has long been opposed to any attempt to reduce or preempt state authority or weaken consumer protections.”

PIA is a steadfast supporter of state insurance regulation and has opposed congressional proposals for insurance sales across state lines. “The reaction to the repeated inability to pass ACA repeal legislation should not be for the federal government to usurp state control by fiat, without congressional action,” said PIA National vice president of government relations Jon Gentile.

With ACA “repeal and replace” stalled for the time being, PIA National is working with congressional allies to address two items in particular that harm agents: the Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) formula that has cut agents out of selling healthcare and the so called Cadillac Tax that would severely harm the employer sponsored health market. For more information on both of these issues please see our healthcare issue paper.

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