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Natural Disaster

PIA Agency Preparedness and Recovery Plan

This PIA Agency Preparedness and Recovery Plan is designed as a planning guide and notebook for use by PIA agencies in creating and documenting their own agency preparedness plan. The document is a member resource and is restricted to members only. You can access the PIA Agency Preparedness and Recovery Plan here. You must have your login information.



Tropical Cyclone Sandy Resource Center

PIA supports a coordinated natural disaster catastrophe program that covers commercial and residential property and does not compete with the private sector’s capacity to provide insurance.

Comprehensive legislation to improve the Federal Government’s ability to assist in the recovery from natural catastrophes should include the following principles:

  • Insurers should be allowed to price policies according to risk.
  • Any catastrophe program should be designed as a public-private collaborative effort, involving participation by states and local governments and emphasize mitigation.
  • Comprehensive natural disaster legislation cannot be fully addressed by combining new proposals with existing programs designed for other forms of catastrophic events, such as flood or terrorism insurance.
  • Increase the availability and affordability of property insurance in catastrophe prone areas.

To learn more about PIA's position on Natural Disaster Legislation, read PIA's Natural Disaster Issue Paper (PDF file).

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