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Three Major Hurricanes Predicted for 2009 SeasonNews Item
2008 Hurricane Season Was Costly, Set RecordsNews Item
Debate Continues on Natural Catastrophe ProgramNews Item
FEMA Paints Dire Picture if Big Quake Hits MidwestNews Item
Industry Sees Need for Government Help for Very Big CatastrophesNews Item
Insured Damage Estimates From Ike Range From $6 Billion to $18 BillionNews Item
Federal Agency Fights Building Code Born of 9/11News Item
PIA Nat-Cat Working Group Sends Letters to NAIC, NCOILNews Item
GOP Platform Adds a Cat Policy PlankNews Item
Early Estimates Say Gustav Insured Losses Could Top $10 BillionNews Item
PIA National President Robert Page Survives Gustav at Ground Zero in Houma. La.News Item
Campaigns Set Politics Aside in Wake Of Hurricane GustavNews Item
McCain Opposes National Cat FundNews Item
Hurricane Forecasters Revise Their Predictions UpwardNews Item
Damage From Hurricane Dolly May Reach $750 MillionNews Item
Property Insurers Facing Rising Catastrophe LossesNews Item
Will Your Business Be Protected When Disaster Strikes?News Item
Lightening Sparks Hundreds of Fires in Northern CaliforniaNews Item
Natural Catastrophe Fund Becomes Issue in Presidential CampaignNews Item
Forecasters Predict Busy 2008 Hurricane SeasonNews Item
NAIC Study Finds Nearly Half of Americans Unprepared for DisastersNews Item
PIA Hurricane Flyer Updated for 2008News Item
FEMA Says No More Ice for Hurricane VictimsNews Item
Obama Backs National Cat Fund, McCain OpposesNews Item
This Is Hurricane Preparedness WeekNews Item
PIA President Page Meets With Former FEMA Director James Lee WittNews Item
New York Vulnerable To Rare 'Northern Hurricanes'News Item
PIA President Robert Page Speaks on Nat Cat During NCOIL PanelNews Item
GOP Presidential Candidates Make Nat Cat Backstop a Florida Primary IssueNews Item
Men and Women View Disaster Preparedness DifferentlyNews Item